My Creative Space

I am taking a Creative Workshop by Elizabeth Gilbert, and the below is a piece of writing in response to the following questions:

What was the last thing you really wondered about? When was the last time you experienced creative flow? What was the last passage of book, piece of music, or work or art that really inspired you? What drew you in? What are you doing when you feel most beautiful? What are your super powers? What would you do for a living if you were not afraid of anything?

I wonder about so many things; how we live, how we perceive things, where life takes us, what makes us believe in one way or another. How can things be reformed, reintroduced. I wonder about the way we perceive things, the way we go on, how we find knots and then we make them bigger by attaching them to more knots, by not realising that we are creating a huge big complicated knot. How some people can see those people who see those knots and wonder how it is that they choose to just use the knots to make them bigger, instead of simply unknot them?

I wonder about the reasons why some of us perceive things negatively when we know others perceive them positively, wouldn’t we all want to live in a one happy bubble?

I receive creative flow while researching and finding beautiful things, work, art, stories of people that make me spark, and all I want to do is dig in more, learn more, ask more, I want to dive in more, I just want to leave everything and run towards deepening, and understanding, then sharing and communicating, I love to find the passion in things that look beautiful. I find flow in connecting, in finding answers to questions, when finding dots and connecting them together, when finding stories, quotes, sayings, definitions of ideas, solutions, realities, that have been created because of those connected dots. I find flow, in finding, in feeling, and in bringing them to light.

I feel most beautiful, when I speak, not thinking about what am saying, but I am certain it makes complete sense, when I know it is motivating, when I know my words are un-knotting the knots that were created and knotted together, complicating every single open passage in front of us. I feel most beautiful, when I can see through the eyes of the listeners a light, a light of clarity, a light of door ways, passage, air, flow, light, life again.

Photos below are selection of my instagram favorites by: Kamo Hmaid, Sarakanov, Sunday Suppers, One Young Boy, What for Breakfast, Alix Cherry, Local Milk, A Minute Away From Snowing, A Guy Named Patrick, Lace Events, Nicole Franzen, Local Milk, Table on Ten, Table on Ten, The Trotter Girl, Cara_Melized, Local Milk, Revistannow, Teyxavier, Sezgi Olgac, Reza Photography

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Morning Diary Day 5 – The suburbs of Jordan

Part 1

September 14 2014

In the suburbs of Jordan between Dabouq Amman and Salt

If you ever visit Jordan, you will love the people. Meet the locals and Spend a day in the suburbs of Jordan. This here is the residence of Sukhtian Family, beautiful souls and a beautiful house. My friend Anoud planned a cooking competition that ended up with great chefs making yummy dishes. Walnut salad, pasta with tomato sauce, grilled chicken “BBQ Mashawi style”, Cannelloni, dark chocolate cake pudding and the best of all homemade Nabulsi Knafeh that is to die for. Make sure you ask for the Knafeh if you visit Jordan, Palestine or Lebanon… Just Yummieee… All pictures are taken with my favorite Canon 7D… Oh and my very favorite song of the day Andrew Belle – In my veins.

The moments between the big events in my life

Today I decided to enjoy the moments between the big moments. Every once in a while you need to stand up and look at your achievements and give your self the credit you deserve. Celebrate a little, you deserve to cherish yourself and treat yourself with the self-awareness you ought to have. Life is not a big splash of major events to happen everyday in your life. Without the logging between the events you will never experience growth. So grasp this moment because you have it and it deserves your awareness and love for without it, how will you get to your next big thing ? Love your being, love the moment when you are still wondering if this is your true purpose or is there something yet bigger, and yes if you want something bigger or better or simpler or different then be hopeful for your being hasn’t stopped growing. As long as your being is still thirsty to fulfill its curiosity then you still have space to grow even more. Trust this life for it has already given you gifts and showed you its miracles, trust that with your constant positive thoughts and striving you will still experience more. Meanwhile, praise and be kind to yourself for you are still alive.

Amman City of Jordan