Quote of the Day – On Happiness

life, quote, happinessAs a well spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death. Leonardo Da Vinci

Live your life in happiness in love and in wisdom

Life is too short to keep hiding in a box, get out there, be out there, share your wisdom your happiness your positive thoughts and feelings. Where will you go if you stay inside your box? Afraid of consequences and rejection? What is life without them ? So what if things didn’t work out a zillion times? but you have gained trying, experiencing, living. Live, love, laugh, enjoy, breath, play and share. Get out there, get out from your box. The only rules there, are those you have set for yourself, the only limits are, this you have drawn for yourself. Life was made for you to sculpt with. If you choose what you think is right verses what you feel is right then it is your choice. Sculpt life the way you feel it is right, sculpt because you can make a difference, because it is made for sculpture, because you feel for a reason. Have a wonderful day, starting with positive thoughts, feelings and wishful thinking. ❤️🙏


Two things define you… & Yes you are a genius

Sometimes we waste so much time on our thoughts, thinking over and over again that we miss on the big things. Our feelings are our direction, our nature of being present, the love that already surrounds us, and all the other given by God & life are just treasurable. It is true the saying that goes: 2 things define you: patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything… What is life without patience & without the right attitude ?? What kind of life would you like to live if you can’t share it with the people around you? Life is beautiful because it is as it is. Fill it with joy by finding your inner source and your route.“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” Einstein. Coming from a genius we truly are all geniuses, but each differently. So find your source, your inner self your inner beauty; THAT should define you. Have a wonderful blessed start of the week to the people in the Middle-East and a beautiful Sunday Morning to everyone around the world.

Hypnotic Amalfi Coast drive in Italy Photographing

A good-morning is an international language

A morning that starts with a smile from a happy heart and a comfortable state of mind. Let go of everything negative, accept the challenges in your life as they will only pass you by, stop waiting for the love to come find you, learn that it exists inside of you, and start your day sharing your love with the ones around youcropped-53.jpg


Have a happy morning a happy day and a happy life.

Patience is a way of happiness

We live in a world of today to learn about living the moment. Without patience, living any moment will be very difficult. Our heart & mind are both always yearning for what is there yet to come that we miss all the golden moments of the present. This yearning disables our patience & creates a deformation to live with enjoyment. For we can not control the future, we can not predict or create what is there yet to come, we for sure can lead, inspire, attract or drive to a certain future place but we can not guarantee the outcome, therefore our enjoyment is only based on what we imagine can be happiness, but we are never certain of it. As for patience; it is an act of learning to live the now, this very moment of the now, the process of our formation, the drive through the destination, the causes of the outcome, patience teaches us to enjoy the very present moment before enjoying the future that will sooner or latter be also a present moment. Patience is happiness if we only practice it the right way, if we understand that the feeling of being patient is not about having to sit and wait in despair but instead it is to sit in the moment and enjoy the very present process of our life. Be patient, learn to enjoy patience, it is a way to enjoy life. Have a blessed and wonderful Monday.

Architecture in venice is breathtaking specially with the beautiful cute little windows and decorations art is in everything tile windows and flower pots