Live like a Bohemian in Gràcia.


After a week of exploring Barcelona, I decided to visit Gràcia neighborhood again. Streets of Barcelona I more like, decided to spend a full day in Gràcia. Door and wall in Barcelona GraciaThis neighborhood was established in 1626, with a convent under the name “Our lady of Grace / Nostra Senyora de Gràcia”.Gràcia, and was independent of Barcelona until 1897. Brown old door and house in BarcelonaGràcia is a neighborhood full of life. Differs from the rest of the neighborhoods for not crossing the street of La Rambla, nor is it connected to the center, but is a little ride up a hill. Bicycle in BarcelonaGràcia is famous for its squares “Carrer”. You will find many squares, I think famous for 5 public squares. SquaresSquares of Gràcia are known to live the day and night. They are usually filled with outdoor tables, live bands, and laughers. Nightlife Barcelona Architecture SpainChhurch Streets of barcelona artsyIf you decide to spend the day there, then make sure you walk and look for the art that resides in it.

In barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsMarket Streets of barcelona artsyQuino shop in BarcelonaBicycle infront of a shopBarcelona is known for its friendly people and comfortable atmosphere. You will also feel very much welcomed in Gràcia. Barcelona old neighborhoodMake sure you find the popular Carrer Verdi and explore the shops there. Gracia-VerdiI was very lucky to stumble upon a Palestinian cuisine restaurant that will meet your fantasy. Great food, interior design and hostess. You do not want to miss it. Aska Dinya Palestinian restaurant in BarcelonaAska Dinya Palestinian restaurant in BarcelonaAska Dinya Palestinian restaurant in BarcelonaAska Dinya Palestinian restaurant in BarcelonaHave incredible Tiramisu and coffee at Nabucco.Gracia NabuccoArt space in a coffee shopBest tiramisu in BarcelonaUnforgettable sushi at Kibuka.KibukaBest of all, are all the colored walls you will come across. Orange wall gracia barcelonaOrange wall in BarcelonaBlue and purple door in BarcelonaPink and brown wall in barcelonaShop in BarcelonaRed shop in barcelonaGraciaStreets of barcelona artsyOld vintage drinking water fountainGraffiti art in BarcelonaGraciaGracia
A very unpredictable neighborhood and a very predictable love affair. GraciaGraffiti art in BarcelonaArt Space in BarcelonaLibrary in BarcelonaStreets of barcelona artsyFind very cozy cafe’s. In barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsIn barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsIn barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsIn barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsBike inspired shop in BarcelonaBiciociBiciociBest tiramisu in BarcelonaIn barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsHave a romantic dinner. Nightlife Barcelona Architecture SpainNightlife Barcelona Architecture SpainOlive tree Nightlife Barcelona Architecture SpainGo for a door hunt.Beige door Streets of barcelona artsyOld brown antique vintage door Streets of barcelona artsyIn barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsOld brown door Streets of barcelona artsyBrown door Streets of barcelona artsybeige doorBlue door in BarcelonaBrown door with bicycle in BarcelonaGracia

And as usual, enjoy the art of its architecture. Colored Buildings Streets of barcelona artsyStreets of barcelona artsy

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gateway to el born

Visit El Born

OId door

Visit Barri Gotic

A nice cute shop with a beautiful white bicycle

Visit El Raval

Morning Diary 24 – A love affair in between the old streets of Barcelona

Saturday, November 22 2014

Day 7

Always leave the best for last, although sometimes it also isn’t the best thing to do given the nature of life and how unpredictable things are, but gladly I must say, today was fantastic. Started my day with my cousin Darine, biking to the beach sight to watch the sunrise, returned my gorgeous bicycle and started my walk between my favorite streets in Barcelona. Starting point was Gracia, to send most of my time in my favorite area taking it down to Sagrada Familia, down to the center of Catalina, Ramblas, Gottica and El Born. Getting lost between streets, finding incredible finds, and the deepest jewels are always in the lowest bottom end of the ocean, so you got to keep digging until you find shops, people, and wisdom that you will always and forever remember. This life we live in, if it is lived without art surrounding us, then it truly is missing out on the best there is. Don’t settle down for less than the art you enjoy, the art you connect with, the art you can use to speak for you. Art is in everything.

When it is time to say goodbye, it is also time to listen to songs you relate to and sing them out loud: Riding through the city on my bike all day cause the filth took away my license It doesn’t get me down and I feel okay Cause the sights that I’m seeing are priceless. You might laugh, you might frown Walkin’ round the mid town… Sun is the sky Oh why, Oh why would I wanna be anywhere else? Sun is in the sky Oh why, oh Why would I wanna be anywhere else?

Here is Ldn by Lily Allen

All photographs are taken with a Canon 70D