Frankfurt in less than Twenty Four Hours…


Less than Twenty Four Hours in Frankfurt

Everyone was telling me not to go to Frankfurt, saying things like, “there is nothing much to see or do”. I must confirm my disagreement. I didn’t spend much time in Frankfurt, but I was able to tell that there is so much to see and explore. It is not at all as empty and lifeless as everyone claims. Maybe in comparison with Berlin, but you can never compare 2 cities, they are just 2 different cities. Berlin’s city life is bigger and wilder, but I found Frankfurt to have more character and stillness. 

I recommend you walk in this beautiful city. It is so spacious it gives a different taste to breathing. The streets are super clean and super wide, the people are friendly and the city is busy. Things are very basic and easy to get a hold of. I suggest you buy a map, mark some streets, rent a bicycle and just enjoy the city. If you have time, then I would defiantly recommend you explore smaller streets and exquisite shops, I am certain that you will stumble upon some gems. 

Visit the Romerberg plaza and look for the Romer medieval buildings located in the left bank of the Rhine river. Romer is the nameRomer is the name of the family that owned the buildings and sold them to the city council in 1405. This is when it was converted… read more

Morning Diary Day 13 – Berlin Night & Day … Make sure you visit MauerPark Flea Market & Karaoke

Sunday, November 2nd 2014

Berlin, Germany

I was lucky enough to catch the great weather just exactly around a month ago in Berlin, walking around Neukolln towards Kreuzberg was a great way to explore the local concept stores and shops. If it is a good day and a sunday, then do not miss the Neukolln flowmarket “flea market” and make sure you make it to the big flea market at Mauerpark that is defiantly worth checking out and specially the open karaoke. At night you can find plenty of beautiful urban restaurants and bars in both areas, as for the touristic attractions, then Mitee is your best place.

Using CANON 70D

Morning Diary Day 11 – Hello Berlin…

Tuesday, October 7 2014

Berlin – Germany

Finally, I made it. I have always wanted to visit Berlin, the city of everything; culture, history, ruins, hope, hipsters, artists, and what does this city not offer? An identity maybe? My first day was beautiful, you can not pass a day in Berlin without going through and between memorials, ornaments, wide streets and some fun time. It is a chill weather, lots of walking is required or biking, and so much to see.

In few words, Berlin is scattered. In my pictures below, you will see a little bit of Neukolln, Mitte; check point Charlie, memorial wall, jewish museum, and around the victory column area.

All my pictures are taken with a CANON EOS 70D

Your body is a given gem…

Your body is your memorial wall… It’s amazing how we are made, our skin is just like a wearable piece of cloth. Very delicate and fragile, beautiful and sheer. The way you treat it, is marked and the way you serve it, appears. It’s washable, chargeable, it is your body of light. It is truly a gem, a very sensitive valuable piece if gem. And we have to appreciate it, be grateful, and take real good care of it. Our decisions are our responsibility, our actions lead to the consequences that may rise. So today, I will dedicate it to my body, my awareness my gratefulness my admiration will be directed to my given piece of gem. Listen to it, learn how to use it, how to take care of it, how to make sure it lives a healthy happy life from the given nourishment around me. History will always be carved in our bodies as a past and our future is what we long for. Let us make it a shining bright future.


Morning Diary 10 – Frankfurt – Old Encounter

Sunday, October 5 2014

Frankfurt – Germany

When you travel, you travel the world, even if you travel to one place. When you travel, you travel within if you are only aware of everything as if it is not your personal experience but an experience you are only attending. Traveling is your life living only multiplied by hundreds. After 12 years… I have finally made it to Germany, and I was lucky enough to meet my high-school best friend in Frankfurt. A great encounter, a great meet up and catching up after such long time as well as exploring beautiful Frankfurt. A city that is very diverse from modern, to formal, to informal and to lego like. Walk around, check out the center, Romerberg, Zeil street, Sachsenhausen old restaurants, Mainufer river, and the love lock bridge.

And here is a beautiful indie german song. Have a wonderful day, a wonderful holiday and a blessed Eid Mubarak Al Adha for all the ones who are celebrating.