When we begin to feel free at last of past hurts, able to fearlessly love again…

“It isn’t easy, giving birth to our spiritual potential. Spiritual labor can be very arduous – one holy instant at a time, when we give up, surrender, soften, don’t care if we’re right, forgo our impatience, detach from the opinions and prizes of the world, and rest in the arms of God. But at the end result is the love of our lives. We begin to feel more comfortable within ourselves, less laden by the chronic angst that marks the times in which we live. We begin to feel free at last of past hurts, able to fearlessly love again. We begin to exhibit the maturity and strength that were lacking in our personalities before. A new energy emanates from who we are, and others can see it too.” From the book a Year full of Miracles



Ask about me. إسأل عني

Your morning is my morning only if you ask about me or express a loving expression. Here we are in the lands of Palestine being mistreated by occupiers who claim that this is their land. We have no power, no army, & without an established leadership. We don’t mind them living with us but they mind us living in the lands of our ancestors. They came yesterday, we were always here.

Ask about me. Even if you are so very far away from me… You give me positive energy, you remind me of hope, love and unity. Ask about me… If you are a Palestinian inside Palestine, in the occupied territories or in the semi occupied “known as the West Bank” surrounded by settlers from all angles… Ask about me if you’re in Jordan, Lebanon or Syria … ask about me if your anywhere far around the World … If you are a Palestinian or not… Just ask about me… We are the people of the land but today we have no land & we are being discriminated, living a tough life.

Am a oldman, about 90 years old living in Hebron & I am being mistreated for being a Palestinian Arab, am not welcomed to walk by our Mediterranean sea, RedSea or DeadSea, nor am I allowed to go pray in AlAqsa nor in the Holly Sepulcher that is just right about half an hour drive from here to Jerusalem – so I ask you to please just ask about me. The Palestinian old man or woman who have witnessed the life before the 1948, when the Jews were migrating & we were more than welcoming, when the Jews fought the British & we had no idea that all they wanted to do was to create a Jewish State of Israel in the lands of Palestine; were we all used to live together in peace, practicing all kinds of Religion.

Ask about me who witnessed half or more of our population get evacuated from the massacres & the terror they have brought to our lives & they kicked out the people in Yafa & Haifa without a choice of surviving the one-sided war they brought into us. Ask about me, who held on to the land & is now suffering unjustly. Racism is all over we are being treated like savages, and you will never know until you ask about me.

For a Free Palestine a Self Portrait taken in Hebron.

إسأل عني اليوم الصبح او بكرة. إسأل عن الزلمة او المرآه الي لساتهم على وجه الاراضي الفلسطنية المحتلة. عم بعملونا بأسوة و حرمان و نحنا لساتنا متمسكين بأراضينا. الي هيه ارضي و ارضك من غير قيادة او جيش لتحميها و ما في حادا عارف كيف يحريرها. إسأل عني الي عشيت مع كل الاجناس و الديانات و كنا عايشين، انا ما كان عندي مشكلة بوجود اليهود بس هومة كان عندهم مشكلة بوجودنا الي هوه وجود اجداد اجدادي و هومة ما صرلهم يومين هون و بسموها اراضيهم و مانعين عنا الحرية في اراضينا.

إسأل عني، وين ما كنت. بأراضي فليسطين المحتلة او شبه محتله، ما يتاسما في الشامل، المثلث او الضفة بس إسأل عني. ازا كنت بل أردن، ب لبنان، او سوريا، إسأل عني. ازا كنت فلسطيني او لأ اي مكان بل عالم حاتا، فإسأل عني. حسسني بوجودك، بأني بخطر على بالك، بس إسأل عني. رجعلي شعور الأمل، الحب و الوطنية. نحنا أهل هل أرض بس عايشن بلا أرض و العنصرية علينا على أرضنا نحنا و ما حادا داري بمشاعرنا و معاناتنا.

انا زلمة ختيار بيجي عمري شي ٩٠سنة، من الخليل و بتعزب لأني فلسطيني و عربي. لا بأدر ازور بحرنا المتوسط ولا الأحمر، و لا البحر الميت ولا بأدر اروح اصلي بل أقصى ولا بكنيسة القبامة الي ما بيجو ابو نص ساعا سواقة من الخليل للقدس.

إسأل عني… انا الختيار او هل ختيارة الي عشنا قبل ١٩٤٨ و شفنا اليهود و هما بهاجروا عبلادنا، و الله انو استقبلناهم و اهلنا فيهم و رحبنا، ما كان عنا ادنا فكرة انو رح يهاجموا البريطان و يهاجموا اهل هل بلد الفلسطنية، من مجازر، لا تفجيرات، طرادوا اهل يافا و حيفا من بيوتهم بل غصب. لو قرارهم كان يتمسكوا لو حاتا بل موت، طارادوهم خصبن عنهم. و اليوم ازا بتسأل اليهود ف بقلولك همه هربوا هريبة، بس هيني انا بل خليل و حياتي جحيم. العنصرية كتيرة و الحياة ابدن مش سهلة و انت ما عمرك رح تفهم او تعرف الا ازا بتلحأني ابل ما اموت و بتسأل عني.

لأرض بلا شعب، و شعب بلا أرض… لفلسطين حرة، صورت ختيار في الخليل.

Put your attention to what you find is pure & beautiful…

Nature is beautiful. Love is beautiful. Smiles are beautiful. Happiness is beautiful. Earth is beautiful. Life is beautiful. Time is beautiful. Friendship is beautiful. Lovers are beautiful. Loving is beautiful. Giving is beautiful. Wisdom is beautiful. Freedom is beautiful. Creativity is beautiful. Connecting is beautiful. Relaxing is beautiful. Sharing is beautiful. We have so many beautiful things going on in this world. Take part in what is beautiful, in what you find is beautiful & remember that you are also beautiful.

Have a beautiful morning, a beautiful day & a beautiful evening.


Fill your thoughts with love and speak them out loud after

Speak light… Speak freedom, speak generously, speak wise, speak beauty, speak truth, speak love; for love is unity, love is an international language, love is everything we seek for and everything we can give at anytime. Love should be the best gift packed in the most beautiful gift wrap, stored in most intimate journal, carved deeply in our hearts to remember. Love yourself, love your family, love your surrounding, love your faith, love your city, love your people, love earth, love the people of earth, love the nature, and fill your heart with kindness. Be present, without our presence, love is simply harder to find. ❤️


The pants you choose to wear, can say just a little enough about you..

Yes pants are powerful, they give you confidence and freedom. They speak out for you sometimes, they say just a little enough about your personality. The color you choose, the cut, the length, the fabric, the style, the top matched with it and most importantly the way you carry it and sit with it. Yes I believe; pants, are powerful. Here are my favorite pants from the London Fashion Week upcoming spring summer 2015.

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Pray a little something for your magical inner self…

There is always magic within… From time to time we can sit, meditate, pray and listen to our inner self speak… How is my “inner self” feeling ? What does my “inner self” has to say. Sit somewhere isolated with the least noise & distraction, close your eyes, say a little prayer and direct your awareness inwards, at this moment do nothing and just listen. Try to isolate your self from your inner self, let your self observe while your inner self express. Stay there as much as you can, try not to judge your inner thoughts or feelings, don’t criticize or look for explanations or reasons… Just let your inner self be. Once your done just rest there, write or let your self express its judgements but don’t get attached to them just learn about your within and without. Most importantly trust that magic happens, that whatever seems to be impossible is only possible when you let go of your old thoughts & beliefs. Just let your self (thoughts & feelings) float across life & let your inner self speak louder for you. Have a beautiful start of the week, a beautiful morning, afternoon & evening. Express your love & learn about the love in everyone else.