Can’t live without beautiful print fabrics… From the London Fashion Week SS 2015

We will be seeing lots and lots of prints on fabric season after season. In my favorite looks, I have added the short dresses along with all the beautiful prints that were showcased during the London Fashion Week of the upcoming spring summer 2015. All pictures belong to

I am loving the… Long dresses vs. long vests over short dresses.

If you haven’t seen it, then here are some of the looks that shout out for lots and lots of fabric, the longer the better, the more it will make you stand out and the more you will look vibrant. I am in love with the looks, they are super elegant, fresh and neutral. Most colors are very serene, pure and just tonic. What do you think?

Spring Summer collection from the London fashion week 2015, all pictures belong to

Patterns speak for themselves… Wear them out in 2015 from the spring summer ready to wear NYFW

I just love patterns, not only do I love them, I love wearing them, staring at them and photographing them. Patterns are music, they speak, they sing, they are everything about your outfit. It can be simple, hip, classy, chic, or crazy. They fit with every culture, a worldwide language. Fashion is a language, with colors and patterns; it becomes a message. Here are my favorite pattern looks from the New York Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week. All pictures are courtesy of

Dressed in white from NYFW Spring Summer 2015

You can never go wrong with white, and white can never run out of fashion… It is just a prime trend… It suits everyone, it is like the international fashion language that unites all colors, sizes and characters. All that changes is how you dress it, tailor it, design it and walk in it. Here are my favorite white pieces from the New York Fashion Week “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – New York” that showcased during last week for the upcoming spring summer 2015. May we have a whiteful summer next year filled with happiness, light and serenity. All pictures credit by

Some of my work as a Creative | Fashion Director

Creative Director.

I am working on my portfolio, and in this section you will view my work as a Fashion director | Creative Director. I find Art in everything, and in my work, I like to use the art I see in products or brands and deliver them as messages of art for clients to visualize and remember. I hope you enjoy browsing my work by clicking on image below, with your comments I can only enhance my portfolio so please do not hesitate to leave me your comments.

Razan Masri Fashion Creative Director Portfolio

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