What Drives You?

So what is it that drives us? Where do we want to go anyway? We move and sometimes things move us, but how do we know what drives us? How do we know where do we want to go? We learn by example, or we learn by experience, we don’t always need to know what “exactly” it is that we want or that moves us, if we have that desire to want to know then we are already half way there, that desire is a movement, just go with it, let it lead you don’t try to lead it, let it take you, try, fail, it is okay, but try, try as hard as you can, and don’t stop. You will come upon a scene, or something that will scream at your face and tell you “here I am, I am your drive, I am your movement” and you will know where you want to go, without your drive, you will never know where you want to go, so listen, listen to that inner thing moving that takes place when you are quiet, or loud, when you are in the center or on the side, listen… let your ears lead you to your drive, and let your drive take you to your destination.

Daily Prompt: Drive

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Stumbles in life.


Life is about stumbling.

We stumble on our way, even when we set a goal, or we are focused, know our way, or have a target. We stumble everyday; we meet people we never ask for, we reach places never thought of, we get ideas we never expected, we reach new horizons we never explored. How we view stumbling can be annoying, a slow down, or a waste of time, but can also be viewed to be a beautiful surprise, a bound experience, a lucky meet, and a choice to open our arms and welcome it even if it is not great.

If we give our stumbles a wide eye, an open heart, a listening ear, we might find ourselves only reaching closer to the truth, to our inner soul, to what we truly want. The choices, the goals, the questions we set in life are all based on experience, and projections we have built throughout our life. Sometimes they are what we truly want, and sometimes they turn to be not.

Stumbling can be our assurance to where we are heading, or can be our transformation of our decisions in life. It will either show us a new road, a new drive into our soul, or it will guarantee to us that where we want to reach or plan to achieve is truly what we want and who we truly are to be.

So let us look forward to stumble, upon the good and the bad while we are heading somewhere, and let us view the stumbles as a reassurance, a motivational test and view it as part of the secretes of life.

Enjoy Stumbling.

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