A little prayer for Eid Al Adha 

Dream… For it is a given gift to our life… Without dreams how will we ever experience everything… Dream… For dreams are what brings our vision into reality… For how would we visualize them otherwise?… Dream… And be happy closing your eyes & reopening them… For what are dreams if they were not to expand and ask for more… Dream… This life is too dull without our dreams… And without them we wouldn’t have accomplished as far as we already have…. So Dream… And teach your kids to dream with hope… Teach them to dream and send their requests to God… Teach them that the impossible is never impossible with a mind that can create the impossible… So teach your kids to dream… And to believe that good dreams can come to reality if they seek them… That dreams are happy thoughts and happy thoughts are happy feelings & happy feeling lead to manifesting happy things from happening… ❤️ to a Happy Eid, Eid Mubarak, Eid Al Adha, may it bring our good dreams into reality, may it bring peace to earth, may it bring true love into our hearts & may it unite us as a one humanity.  


Treat your worries like the addicts treat nicotine when they decide to quit, worry less every day until you are worry free.

We attract what we expect and what we over expect we attract the very opposite. We carry our worries around not knowing that they only cause pain and absolutely nothing more. How to walk without them is just uneasy but the truth is we were born without them and we have only piled them up as we walked our feet throughout our lives. Our basic nature is without worrying but our habit have become to worry and make everyone else worry with us. It’s time to let go, walk with your body without any backpacks without any pain or looking back without any expectations or fixed plans… Just worry free, with your body as light as it is and you will feel lighter without them. Our future is not running away from us and what is bound to happen good or bad will eventually happen. Create your list of what you wish to do but give it freedom, plan your meet ups but also give it freedom, carry your baby for 9 months and give it freedom to be who it is… Give your mind the freedom this life offer, for we were born into life free of everything except for our parents who were a given and what they include in our lives and then what everyone else includes and then what we include… And remember they are all additions. Treat your worries like the addicts treat nicotine when they decide to quit, worry less every day until your worry free. Now lets enjoy this magical life… ❤️