A little bit more on what it means to be Governed… معنى المهيمن من اسماء الله

To be Governed: And it stands for doing what needs to be done, and taking good care of it. And the Governor watches over you, and takes care of you. To Govern is derived from the Divine who is always watching over and taking care of everything. Excessive care and protection. witness to the world in all that is happening, intimately and in secrecy. The Governor comes from the Divine for listening to all thankfulness and to all complaints. Keeps you motivated even when you are hurt and in trouble. Who is over looking all your doings, actions and decisions, witnessing your thoughts, and knows of your secrets, so you are never alone. Even the greatness and the extraordinary are seen and known, and all actions are being supervised and taken care of. Always there, by keeping it protected and governed. -“From the 99 names of God in Islam”, and if you feel governed then it is a feeling derived from the Divine.
المهيمن: الهيمنة هى القيام على الشىء والرعاية له ، والمهيمن هو الرقيب أو الشاهد ، والرقيب اسم من أسماء الله تبارك وتعالى معناه الرقيب الحافظ لكل شىء ، المبالغ فى الرقابة والحفظ ، أو المشاهد العالم بجميع الأشياء ، بالسر والنجوى ، السامع للشكر والشكوى ، الدافع للضر والبلوى ، وهو الشاهد المطلع على افعال مخلوقاته ، الذى يشهد الخواطر ، ويعلم السرائر ، ويبصر الظواهر ، وهو المشرف على أعمال العباد ، القائم على الوجود بالحفظ والأستيلاء
مسد الاقصى المقدس - Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

How to evaluate what to hold on to & what is about time to let go of?

In life, we face the days that we can’t remember because they went by so quick, and the days that we will always remember because they truly carved in. Sadness & happiness are feelings that leave marks in us. They make us and create us and change us. We hold on to what carves into us, but some of us hold on too tight for too long that turn it into an attachment. Attachments become painful to let go, and therefore start to harm us.
By learning to accept; things be as they come, time frame is as is, not trying to control or change things but instead change within and be part of any process. Faith is all there is, we have been brought to life to experience, to learn and to grow, to expand and to change, nothing is the result of anything except what we wish to hold on to. Evaluate your life, yourself from time to time, and let go of what you have held on to for too long; that has not been serving you.


As Rumi once said:

“No matter what plans you make, no matter what you acquire, the thief will enter where you least expect. Be occupied, then, with what you really value and let the thief take something less. When a trader’s bales fall into the water, he’ll try to grab the most valuable things. Some things will certainly be lost as the water of life flows away. Let go of the cheap stuff and work to save what’s really important. Mathnawi II 1505-1509”