What does life look like in Beirut? – كيف شكل العيشة في بيروت ؟

Forget about politics, am here to talk about the city of Beirut.

Where modern architecture is embedded with the old. Beirut is rich in history. The citizens  of Beirut take good care of it. You walk between its streets to see modern on top of vintage. It gives you the feeling that layers of stories are topped one on top of the other. They leave the old in it, and just glue the new like plastic surgery on top of it.

Art and culture.

Beirut makes you feel at home, even if you are not Lebanese, you will still feel home. It may let you feel in chaos, as it is a very busy fast paced city, it can let you walk slow, but then it runs over you.

There is so much to find in Beirut, scattered hiding around the corners, ask about new areas, hip shops, look for them and browse them. There is too much of everything, and it is always changing, just don’t stop yourself from exploring the cities deepest wonders.

And once your anywhere, just look at the art that surrounds you. Beirut is full of art.

Campo De’Fiori

Campo De’Fiori.

Have you been to the “Field of Flowers” ? Campo De’Fiori is an area located in the heart of Rome and it is not to be missed. If you haven’t been and wish to browse, then check out my page where ever you are around the world and have a taste of this incredibly urban area.

a very urban entrance to a furniture boutique

I have enjoyed walking around with my comfortable shoes, camera, and a small notebook, looking at the architecture, finding exquisite shops with colored bicycles around corners and little flower pots next to doors, the sound of different music coming out of each shop, listening to the people and their beautiful Italian language engage in laughter and discussions, reading and writing my favorite street finds, and looking into local designer boutique shops that consist of different character and unique furnishing. Camp De’Fiori makes you feel at home, it makes you feel like you belong, every inch of every street is taken care of with visible love, from colored chairs, to plants on its windows, colored walls, clean streets, the vintage doors and frames that speak history, different street tiling and wall stones. There is a feeling of genuine peace in Campo De’Fiori… take a look 🙂

Campo De'Fiori

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via Campo De’Fiori.


Walk the River

Tevere – River.

There is nothing more beautiful than to walk around a river, specially if it was surrounded by authentic architecture.

Just take a walk, discover what is new, spend a full day on your feet walking around from district to district, street to street and enjoy your findings.

The tevere (also known as tiber) is the 3rd longest river in Italy and it is located in Rome.

Enjoy your walk and check our my photo diary of the Tevere by clicking on the following picture.

a group of people canoeing at tevere the river of rome

Castle St’Angelo Photo Diary

It is the time of the year to travel, and at this exact same time last year, I decided to visit Rome.

Talk about Ancient Monuments in Rome? Here is a great one:

Castel Saint’Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel) also known as The Mausoleum of Hadrian is a true gem to Rome. By clicking on the below photo you will be redirected to my photo diary of Saint’Angelo. Hope you enjoy it and leave me your comments. 🙂

tourists walking at the saint angelo entrance

Click on this photo to redirect to Saint’Angelo Photo Diary


15 Areas to visit when in Rome

Rome – Italy.

people at the spanish steps via condotti rome while i was in my travel research and discovery

Few days ago, I released a page on Rome under my Travel section.

It was very hard for me to decide on the layout and design for the post since I have spent around a month in Rome & I have researched the best of the city, and the best of it is many.

Therefore I decided to change the way I write my pages & instead of having too many photos &  information in one page, I have decided to divide them into pages.

My first page is released & it is the summary of the 15 best areas to visit in Rome (that I found & know of) if you have been & think I have missed an area then please do not hesitate adding it in the “comment tab” & hopefully I will check it out in my next visit.

As for the ones traveling to Rome; well this page should be very helpful, but stay tuned for the upcoming pages that will include more details on where I recommend going in each area & what to do.

via Rome – Italy.