Spring in Webdeh

What about closing out the outside world,

What about staying inside your own being exploring your own ventures,

What about not giving a f and listening to your inner sound,

What about being sure your not missing out and instead you explore the movements within you,

What about you ignore it all and just give yourself the chance to explore your being,

Create some art, your kinda art, the art that is just different from anything else, and guess what, it is only art when it does not necessarily make the same sense to everyone else…

What is inside you let it outside,

Make it your outside world,

Make it what you have been missing out on instead,

Make your own art your life.

Let us Admire

Dear Loved Ones,

This world is soon to be gone,

Let us admire what is left of it, what surrounds us, what comes to us, and even what leaves us, let us turn our heads around and tilt our backs to the front, let us sit upside down and do hand stands, let us see the world from the other side, let us change the blacks into the whites and the roses into vases, let us not waste one more day, let us not wait one more minute, let us cherish every moment we walk through and in to, from the very moment of now till the very moment of the next, let no one stop you, let no one pull you, let you be in the surface of your own earth, standing with both feet touching your grounds, don’t wait for no one to tell you what to do or where to go, but listen instead to the bottom of your heart, let the heart beats direct you, let them guide you, close your eyes and use every other existing sense in you to feel and admire every living thing around you. Admire yourself, your body, your movements, admire your taste, your vision, the sound, admire your breath, the feel of the air against your body, admire the kisses that rain upon you, the arms that go around you, admire the people who sit beside you, the people who call and message you, admire the sun when it shines, the clouds that shades you, admire the sky that is so high, and the grounds that carry you, admire the shadows of people living by you, admire the scent of your meals and the scent of your nourishment, admire your presence, your presents presence, your belongings, your capability, capacity, your possibilities and your whole self.

Daily Prompt: Admire. 

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Cana of Galilee

I found this stunning photograph of a village in occupied Palestine known as Kafr Kanna or Cana of Galilee, I then found out that this photograph was captured in 1925 by a female Palestinian professional photographer who used to work between Lebanon and Palestine before the Israeli occupation. She captured beautiful images, and exhibited them during the first half century. Karimeh Abbud was her name and she was born in 1896 in Shefa Amer, Palestine, known as the Lady Photographer, she died in Nazareth in 1955.

The second photographer is another beautiful photographs of the Jordan River, also captured by Karimeh.

Today’s Guest for the wordpress daily prompt.

Kefr Kanna, Cana, Galilee, Palestine, female, PhotographerKarimeh Abbud, photographer, jordan, jordan river, photograph

Let Your Mind Serve You, Let It Not Destroy You

It is like being stuck in jail, only you have made this jail by yourself for your own self. Caged inside your own thoughts and head, creating knots that only gloom your serenity and sanity. You block the air from reaching out to your brains to free your repeated thoughts from strangling you down your own drain. Just breath, forget about it for a moment, get up and shake it off, move, leave, do something different, put a smile on someone’s face, change the nature you have created around you and pull yourself down to your own ground. Breath again, think about the possibilities, the multiple doors that can yet still open, think about the miracles that took place and still can take place , think about your opportunities, un-limit yourself and stop limiting yourself. Free yourself from your own cage, your own mind that can twist you apart. Let your mind serve you and let it not destroy you… Autonomy

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Creative Space #2 – What are you doing with your life?

This is my second creative prompt in response to Elizabeth Gilbert Workshop on Hobbies, Job, Career and Vocation.

I am driven by passion everyday. I do things because I want to do them and I want to do them with love. My activities change and expand because I am driven by my passion. I wake up and I listen to my callings. Today, I feel like doing this, so I do it, and if I can’t do it today, I make sure I do it in the near future. I don’t wait on things to happen, I go and make them happen. I try, at least, I give it a chance, to understand, to listen, to feel, to experience, to elaborate on, to free myself from the curiosity that roams around inside my head.

My job was my career, and it was a choice I made and I went after it. It combined all what Elizabeth talks about; from hobbies, job, career and vocation. I used to enjoy holding photo shoots even if we didn’t make money out of them, I used to enjoy watching live shows that can support us be more productive and creative at work with the team, I used to enjoy creating fashion shows and events, even if it was at a small-scale, but of course the bigger they were the more enjoyment I felt. It was also my job, my money-making, my 9 to 5, my challenges and it sure did included many situations, moments and days were I wished I could disappear from existence. It was my career, nine years, building a small name into a brand, into a trend, into a tree with branches. And it used to be my vocation, for I felt fashion was what I was here for, what I was here to create, to expand in, and to share.

Two years ago, I decided to quit it all. All of it. I reached a point where I felt I wanted none of this and more of everything else, and as much time as I made for myself to do new things, I still did not have enough time. I was frustrated, because I wanted to follow my passion again.

I discovered, that it is okay for your passion to change. For your callings to change. What is not okay, is for you not to answer the change. Today I wake up every morning, and I write, I work on my book, on the blog, or on my note books. I read, online or offline (books). I exercise, I do yoga, cross fit, I run or swim. I enjoy the kitchen, I bake, make salads or cook. I travel when I can, I love exploring, discovering and meeting new people and new stories. I photograph during my travels, I love to document what I find beautiful and I love sharing them. But today, I do not have a job. I have few small little things on the side, but I do not have a full-time or a part-time job. I can afford it for a little bit, but I sure will need to find myself a source of income.

Nonetheless, I believe life is too short. Your vocation is your calling and your calling can change, and if it doesn’t then you are lucky. But I still consider myself lucky. I believe my vocation changes because it is changeable, it can never be the same. I feel I am here to find new findings, to learn new things and maybe change is my vocation, I am here to always find the new, and the very old can be the very new. I love researching, discovering, exploring, understanding, connecting the dots, I love staying alive, my Vocation is learning and trying something new everyday, and my favorite part is sharing it all.
Roberta Trapani Model from Italy during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week AmmanDoors are beautiful in Venice, they speak to you. Italian Architecture is beautifulAmman Street Photography JordanOld jordanian woman posing with wrinkles and close up look into her personalityMiddle-Eastern Eggplant Casseroles also known as Fatet Batinjan فتت بيتنجان or Fatet Makdous فتيت مكدوسoverlooking a beautiful architectural building by the river in rome nearby saint angeloSahteen, making and eating hummus at suzies kitchen with pita breakOld houses and architecture in Barcelona by Gaudi and othersA door and a shop in Yafa Yafo Jaffa

My Creative Space

I am taking a Creative Workshop by Elizabeth Gilbert, and the below is a piece of writing in response to the following questions:

What was the last thing you really wondered about? When was the last time you experienced creative flow? What was the last passage of book, piece of music, or work or art that really inspired you? What drew you in? What are you doing when you feel most beautiful? What are your super powers? What would you do for a living if you were not afraid of anything?

I wonder about so many things; how we live, how we perceive things, where life takes us, what makes us believe in one way or another. How can things be reformed, reintroduced. I wonder about the way we perceive things, the way we go on, how we find knots and then we make them bigger by attaching them to more knots, by not realising that we are creating a huge big complicated knot. How some people can see those people who see those knots and wonder how it is that they choose to just use the knots to make them bigger, instead of simply unknot them?

I wonder about the reasons why some of us perceive things negatively when we know others perceive them positively, wouldn’t we all want to live in a one happy bubble?

I receive creative flow while researching and finding beautiful things, work, art, stories of people that make me spark, and all I want to do is dig in more, learn more, ask more, I want to dive in more, I just want to leave everything and run towards deepening, and understanding, then sharing and communicating, I love to find the passion in things that look beautiful. I find flow in connecting, in finding answers to questions, when finding dots and connecting them together, when finding stories, quotes, sayings, definitions of ideas, solutions, realities, that have been created because of those connected dots. I find flow, in finding, in feeling, and in bringing them to light.

I feel most beautiful, when I speak, not thinking about what am saying, but I am certain it makes complete sense, when I know it is motivating, when I know my words are un-knotting the knots that were created and knotted together, complicating every single open passage in front of us. I feel most beautiful, when I can see through the eyes of the listeners a light, a light of clarity, a light of door ways, passage, air, flow, light, life again.

Photos below are selection of my instagram favorites by: Kamo Hmaid, Sarakanov, Sunday Suppers, One Young Boy, What for Breakfast, Alix Cherry, Local Milk, A Minute Away From Snowing, A Guy Named Patrick, Lace Events, Nicole Franzen, Local Milk, Table on Ten, Table on Ten, The Trotter Girl, Cara_Melized, Local Milk, Revistannow, Teyxavier, Sezgi Olgac, Reza Photography

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My Art, My Piece of Life – Tuesday Doodle

We don’t plan things to be the way they always end up to be. Life is just like an art piece. You never know until you try, and the image you have had in mind could happen to turn out identical or completely different. When its art it’s never restricted, its unpredictable, you need to stay open to receive and you need to be able to mend and blend, redo and replace, you can change the colors of the image, it can take you half a day to put things together or a lifetime. It does not matter. What matters at the end is the result. Some will turn out to satisfy you for mere a second and some will last an impression forever. How will you know? You never will, until you get there, you try, you give yourself the chance to explore, to express, to perceive, to be, to happen. Life is a piece of art, your piece of art, and everyday is a new white canvas that can be separated from the canvas of yesterday or can be a continuation, some canvases will be left somewhere unremembered and some will be framed forever.

Whatever it is. It is yours. Your art piece. Your work of art. Your only work of art. Are you enjoying it while you’re puting it together or are you agonizing your way through. Are you happy with the pieces at the end of your day or are your tears drying up? Look at each piece with love and fill it with laughter, with joy. Be the sailor of your own boat, put a ribbon on your hair and shirt, paint a heart everywhere you go, glitter your eyes with what you love to see, be a friend to those in need of a listening ear, color your diary with your thoughts and feelings, be grateful and count your blessings, sing to your world, and dance on your tip toes, don’t let anything stop you, from trying a new piece of art everyday.

Creative Writing on a Tuesday Morning Inspired by My Collection of Instagram’s favorite Pieces collected from 2015, Dar_Nur, Tilly2Milly, Kidvikk, HummingBirdHigh, Kitato, _Mamannyc_, Tilly2Milly, MawiOfficial, Wenlise_Fold, Candelanovembre, Kitat.

Dar_Nur, Fatima, Hand, Hand-of-Farima, ArabianTilly2Milly, art, character, roses, petalsKidvikk, boat, paperboat, craft, handcraftHummingBirdHigh, vote, cupcake, decoration Kitato, graffiti, old, elder, roses, collage_mamannnyc_, pizza, pie, pizzapie, raseberry, character, cartoonTilly2Milly, crayon, collage, art, flowers MawiOfficial, eye, eye-makeup, makeup, golden eyeWenlise_Fold, horse, unicorn, purple, paperartCandelanovembre, diary, collage, artwork Kitato, love, heart, wallpaint, wallart

On Meditation 

To the perfect place to meditate, a minute to look into your heart, a minute to breath and fill in your body with the right type of oxygen, a minute to let go of your stressful thoughts; to loosen up your tight muscles, a minute to withdraw from everything holding onto you and pulling you elsewhere, a minute to cherish heaven that lies here within us and between us, a minute to feel silence & appreciate the serenity that exists amongst all chaos, a minute to hear the sounds of life’s music; the wind blowing to the right side, and the birds that sing right above you, the sound of leaves moving, and the sound of echo’s from faraway. A minute to sit back & be grateful; from every hour that passes, can be a transformation method to take you from wherever you are to your very current present. 

Be present today, be open to changes, be open to hear the sound shift, be open to walk it without having to be pushed into it, be open to trust the choices of life to you and not struggle with wanting to control your choices upon life. 

To a wonderful day, the first Monday of may, to choosing the present. 

From the miraculous view of Marriott Hotel, Petra. Thanks to Saif Khlaifat Photography for the beautiful photograph 


From a Different Perspective – An Ancient Asian Philosophy  

From a different perspective, and although this photograph was taken in Africa, Zanzibar, I want to share a philosophy from Ancient Asia that says: Life is not a circle but a spiral. Every life lesson that has ever been presented to you (which means everything you have ever been through) will come back again, in some form, until you learn it. And the stakes each time will be higher. Whatever you’ve learned will be greater fruit. Whatever didn’t work in your life before this point was a reflection of the fact that you hadn’t yet integrated the different parts in yourself. Where you didn’t yet accept yourself, you attracted a lack of acceptance in others. Where you hadn’t yet dealt with your shadows, you manifested shadowy situations. Broken parts of you encountered broken parts of others. So now you know! That was then and this is now.


A little prayer for Eid Al Adha 

Dream… For it is a given gift to our life… Without dreams how will we ever experience everything… Dream… For dreams are what brings our vision into reality… For how would we visualize them otherwise?… Dream… And be happy closing your eyes & reopening them… For what are dreams if they were not to expand and ask for more… Dream… This life is too dull without our dreams… And without them we wouldn’t have accomplished as far as we already have…. So Dream… And teach your kids to dream with hope… Teach them to dream and send their requests to God… Teach them that the impossible is never impossible with a mind that can create the impossible… So teach your kids to dream… And to believe that good dreams can come to reality if they seek them… That dreams are happy thoughts and happy thoughts are happy feelings & happy feeling lead to manifesting happy things from happening… ❤️ to a Happy Eid, Eid Mubarak, Eid Al Adha, may it bring our good dreams into reality, may it bring peace to earth, may it bring true love into our hearts & may it unite us as a one humanity.