Big Black Hole


Whatever it is; CRISIS,

We create our own CRISIS,

All of it, like broken glass, just smash it down with your own stamp and turn them into the smallest pieces surfacing the bottom line of your skull,


They scream out loud “IT IS CRISIS”

Who are they, and who determines what is CRISIS,

Why scream so loud, when all you can do is sweep the pieces off the floor, trash them or super glue them back together,


They can be simple new choices,

Those crisis of yours can be better yet turned into choices,

Just look at what can be done and not what has been done,

Leave it, let it, mend it, just don’t turn everything into a whole black hole, where only your nose fits but then it is stuck, maybe forever, with a black hole on the tip-top of your nose, you will always have to live with it, you will always be the only one, SEEING IT.

Daily Prompt: Crisis

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What Drives You?

So what is it that drives us? Where do we want to go anyway? We move and sometimes things move us, but how do we know what drives us? How do we know where do we want to go? We learn by example, or we learn by experience, we don’t always need to know what “exactly” it is that we want or that moves us, if we have that desire to want to know then we are already half way there, that desire is a movement, just go with it, let it lead you don’t try to lead it, let it take you, try, fail, it is okay, but try, try as hard as you can, and don’t stop. You will come upon a scene, or something that will scream at your face and tell you “here I am, I am your drive, I am your movement” and you will know where you want to go, without your drive, you will never know where you want to go, so listen, listen to that inner thing moving that takes place when you are quiet, or loud, when you are in the center or on the side, listen… let your ears lead you to your drive, and let your drive take you to your destination.

Daily Prompt: Drive

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UP in the air.

It is like a routine, a daily reminder, to get up, and start something new, everyday.

It is like walking up a mountain, between the trees, and the wind, and the air, and the breeze, and to breathe, once again, to remember, that life, is still up and running.

It is like being on the plane, looking out the window, to remember, the advantages of today, the opportunities of tomorrow.

It is like looking into the clouds, so white and fluffy, so inseparable and invisible, looking different at every angle, you can never get it right, because there is no right.

It is about the horrific things, that take place, every day, in this world, that make us forget, about the little things, we are surrounded by… reasons to be grateful for, that we keep pushing aside.

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Birds Represent Freedom

We think being in a cage keeps us protected, keeps them protected, we think we are doing our selves and one another a favor when we put a cage around us. But birds were born free, we were born free, we learn things as we grow, we are who we are when we are set free. Yes, we can trip, and fall, we can do mistakes, and the chances of making mistakes are high, but without them, how do we know what life is? Who we truly are? Stop putting a cage around us, around each other, accept your children as they come, as they grow, as they rebel, just be there, watch them, protect them, listen to them, speak to them, but don’t put a cage around them. Don’t prevent your children from exploring life and the colors it is painted with, let them fly as far as they want and where ever their instincts take them. Don’t try to change the way they speak or dress or sing, don’t force them to make you proud just to make you feel better about yourself. The best feelings ever is seeing your loved ones spread their wings on their own and fly, the best feeling is to see that their wings are different from any other, and that they are still as beautiful or even more beautiful. Allow them to settle, allow them to be, independent or dependent, allow them to be silent, or speak their brains out, allow them to perform, or to be isolated, allow them to try. But be there to listen, to watch, to care, to love, to praise, to reflect, to smile, to hug, be there to make them feel they are not alone. Set them free.

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Milk my Shake – Tuesday Morning

A table wrapped in white cloth, hiding the antique old wooden wood beneath it that sits there with stains and knick knocks, It is furnished with red wine and green flowers, it is sprayed with jasmine water scent, and Brooklyn flavours, it has been stuffed with white plates and crystal glasses, butter knifes, and fresh-baked bread, the smell of the ovens bakery is so aromatically floating in the air, as each chair has a character of its own, ready to be seated by a man of his own vanities and flares, women in their shawls and tight skirts, life is like a shadow that moves in complete mystery and waste to what not no one knows, and what one thinks knows it all, blueberries and blackberries, mint leaves, and pearls, all enter the side room, as people begin to explain, their heart breaks and their flowers, that have been their mending to their love makings, the Irish, and the Danish, the Arabs, and the Germans, they all are greeted by lemons, and olives, greens and brows, hours of cheap talks, and hours of fake laughter, people continue to move into rooms, where cakes are served in butter, toasted in chocolate, and almond bites, the sugar is too sweet, the tea is too heavy, the party has only started it is three am, Breakfast is being baked, beds are unmend, helpless people toss themselves in jars, fight for a cookie with white pieces, over dark pieces so stained, fresh strawberries over left over cake, tickets to watch the next show have been sold out, and the people are only rushing outside their doors to make it in shapeless forms and fearful faces, they quickly but quietly brush their hairs and plug their eyebrows, they squeeze what is left over from their lip stick onto their lips, they tie their ties up tight into what they think is scheme, their shoe laces are left untied, but the clock is ticking, there is no time to look back, empty chairs, the sun is here, the people are gone, the house is clean, the paintings are hanging, the flowers continue living, and we sit and wait for the next round to… all over again…

Creative Writing on a Tuesday Morning Inspired by My Collection of Instagram’s favorite Pieces collected from 2015, The Dinner Club 57, _FoodStories_, Margaret__Zhang, Sunday Suppers, Food 51, Trotter Mag, Make My Lemonade, Food 52, Food 53, What For Breakfast

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For the love of Zebras

For balance, for improvement, for being wild and free. A life inspired by Zebras is a life full of adventure. Kind, aloof, appealing, and diverse. To a life that is all about balance, giving and not taking but learning. A life that is about community, surrounding yourself with the right elements of life to be who you are born to become. A life that is generous, that is unlimited, that is infinite, that is abundant. It gives you, it feeds you, it challenges you, only to make you a better version of your own self. To Zebras, for the love of Zebras, for inspiring us, Human, to be unique, like a print, that can not be identical but can be very similar. To company, to reflection, to having a partner in life who can look you in the eyes to show you what a brave one you have been, to mothers and fathers, who are ideals, who are leaders, to their children, if not to the world. They stand their ground, they raise their shield, they put you first, they surround you with protection and love. To independency, that is limited, yet free of boundaries, to being your self, but being true to others, to being there for yourself and to everyone else. To great company, to accepting, to playing, to enjoying life, to dancing for life, to learning about love, to give love. To be generous in giving love, to nature, to everything natural, to being like nature, changing in seasons and only surprising us with a more beautiful version of yourself.

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The Reflection of Architecture. A Creative Writing Piece.

One morning, while I was in Tripoli, I woke up with an urge to go study the architecture of few monuments in the old town city. It felt more like… it was an internal study, a study of my own soul architecture. As I went gazing and zooming in with my camera, into what looked like an Ottoman design, I was able to see a reflection of myself. Refined architecture. That is hidden between several other elements, creating some sort of haziness. They are there, right there, but no one can see them. They are too busy with their every day routine, that they never get to once sit, and enjoy the beauty that lies between their own reflection. They have taken everything for granted. They don’t really question the meaning of their existence, seeing them standing out, not noticing that they do not look like the rest of the other buildings. So they have been blended along with all the other buildings, and they will only rise again when someone takes initiative to pull the curtains off. They are curtains covering the eyes of the people, and not covering the work of art. The work of art, is there, visible. And that is when, people will question, “how did we grow up to become so blinded?” And that is my soul architecture, it has been created in a way no other can see but myself. I can see it, so clearly, if I give myself the opportunity to. I can sit and watch my own soul stand out. I can sit and watch my own soul put, as it was put in the first place. Watch the design, it was created to appear to be, and let it be what it is here to be.


Walking downtown Beirut on a protest day is like walking a ghosttown … When do we know the difference between obeying what the media shapes for us from believes to follow & when should we look at our own way out and walk towards it? It is so hard now a days to tell what is really going on!! But it is obvious to see that the Middle East needs love & pure attention. 

“Why should I stay at the bottom of a well when a strong rope is in my hand?” Rumi 

Stay where you are and move like a sheep or a robot or do something different… One thing different can change a fraction & too many fractions can change this world to a better place.  


Letting go of perfection & joining the most imperfect life. 

Today i want to let go of my love for perfection 

For what is perfection without imperfection? 
Imperfection is what completes perfection. It is the natural cherry on top of everything made to perfection. 
It is the signature, the uniqueness, the spontaneous & the unexpected. 
I invite you to join me into letting go of trying too hard to make things look perfect, be perfect or even close to perfection. 
I used to say am a perfectionist, today I choose to let go of this saying and instead, I want to say am natural. 
I want to dance through life not worrying about tripping because when I trip, I want to see it as only part of my life’s unique choreography. 
I want to stop trying & instead start doing without having to worry about the steps I take or the outcome of things. 
I want to be certain that whatever step I take is the most natural and therefore resulting in the way it naturally will come out to be. 
I want to quit thinking of the best way to do things and the best way to create things for no matter how much I try, I will always remain to be an instrument to a higher power that is the real creator to things. 
I want to enjoy my freedom of thoughts & instincts and trust that what I was given of thoughts & feelings are the best instruments given to me for me to use to create my piece. 
And I want my piece to be imperfect. Natural and unique. I want it to be called my piece of Art. And what is art, if there is nothing so imperfect to look in to? What we see as beautiful is always done so imperfectly that we end up falling in love with. For when we look at an art piece that is perfect it is the most boring and repetitive piece we see. 
I no longer want a perfect mate, i want an imperfect mate to be imperfect with. I want to be natural. I want to be as humble and as blessed as I can be. I want to be so busy living my every move instead of being busy trying to make the right move to reach my perfect looking future. 
I do not want a perfect future. It is too tiering and too much of a waste of life. I want an imperfect future. I want a natural future. The future I am going to get at anyway, no difference can be made to the approach I take to reach it except my mind. 
I either worry the hell out of my way to get there or I simply dance which ever way my body sways and I will always arrive to the very same place. 
The only difference is my journey. I will either have a rough journey trying to be perfect or I will love the moments I trip and fall for they are the most unique beat to my song. 
So let us be natural. However imperfect that is, let us enjoy that very cherry on top. Let us laugh out and feel so lucky when we notice how imperfect we have done things. Let us be appreciative, for we were given is this imperfect life.  



If I want to get an image of a tattoo engraved into my body…

If I want to get an image of a tattoo engraved into my body, I will choose the image of water. That is an image of nothing but movement with a peaceful sound. I choose water to remind me of purity, my real reflection before mixing it with anything else, because water never stops moving until it is mixed with solid and dirt. I choose water to remind me of clarity and transparency, because water is always crystal clear and transparent until it is mixed with solid and dirt. I choose water to remind me of freshness, my peace of mind before allowing all thoughts to enter like solid and dirt. I choose water to remind me of satisfaction, my real self before allowing thirst and desire to enter like solid and dirt. I choose water because it reminds me that I was once born just like water, and I can always be reminded by my pure existence, I choose water to remember how to deal with others around me, to be just like water, a pure reflection with soft movement and a peaceful sound. I choose water because it is what I like to remind myself with every minute of my being, to remember to be like water; before I think, I speak or I act, and this is the tattoo I would like to engrave into my body only it has no image and it never stops moving and will always have a graceful sound.

مدينة حيفا فلسطين، overlooking the streets and sea of Haifa Palestine Israel