Motive of the day: You never know, maybe the changes are better for you… 

We start and end at starting lines. Every second is a new starting line. We can choose to start or end as we go. We can change directions, we can try different roads, we can always return or drive back, but we can not guarantee finding things to remain the same. And sometimes they can be even better than before. We can not expect. We can not overpower ourselves to what is unknown, this will always lead us to disappointment. We must give up all expectations and demands to life, we should ask with kindness, look with hope, accept with compassion. Whenever it is hard we later reach a point we feel blessed & grateful. So stop wasting ur time just standing there where u r… Move forward, or backward, try different things until things work out for you, don’t be too fixed with one thought. Be open to things that might be even much better. 

Morning Diary Day 12 – Berlin’s Street Art

Tuesday, October 21st 2014

Berlin, Germany

Walk throughout Neukolln neighborhood, visit the open air East Side Gallery with the international street art graffiti, pass by the hackeschen markt and reflect within:

What is life if it wasn’t created for us to sees each other in it. Earth is round for a reason, we each live in the total opposite of one another. We all reflect on each other.. What I see in you I see in me and it is wonderful to experience the warmth of our souls connecting through soil. We are all one united through light thread and spirit. Looking deep into history I resemble repetition in everything only in different uniforms and labels. It is like we live the lives of our ancestors when they lived the lives of our reflectors. Start looking through the eyes of one another as your own reflection, look deep into their souls and realize that in there is the kingdom of treasures. Miracles do happen and wishes come true, but if you don’t put a little effort in there then it is not worth wishing, for nothing is meant to happen effortlessly and nothing requires the whole wide world to change in harmony with your beliefs and thoughts. You alone can set foot, open a new door or fix a broken one. Alone through energies of one another, through the soil that unites our energies, one person can make a difference.

Add one positive thing into your life everyday

From where I stand … A beautiful piece lies In front of my eyes … Beautiful pieces r waiting to be created everyday, creativity is a mean for everyone to use & it is a drive from our imagination. Everyday let us add one new thing into our life, add one new thought, feeling, piece, prayer, dress, friend as long as it is one positive thing into our life, everyday. This is a handmade coffee table that I saw at a dear friends place & decided to add it into my life & share it. Have a wonderful Saturday ☀️ ☕️ #PositiveLiving



Stumbles in life.


Life is about stumbling.

We stumble on our way, even when we set a goal, or we are focused, know our way, or have a target. We stumble everyday; we meet people we never ask for, we reach places never thought of, we get ideas we never expected, we reach new horizons we never explored. How we view stumbling can be annoying, a slow down, or a waste of time, but can also be viewed to be a beautiful surprise, a bound experience, a lucky meet, and a choice to open our arms and welcome it even if it is not great.

If we give our stumbles a wide eye, an open heart, a listening ear, we might find ourselves only reaching closer to the truth, to our inner soul, to what we truly want. The choices, the goals, the questions we set in life are all based on experience, and projections we have built throughout our life. Sometimes they are what we truly want, and sometimes they turn to be not.

Stumbling can be our assurance to where we are heading, or can be our transformation of our decisions in life. It will either show us a new road, a new drive into our soul, or it will guarantee to us that where we want to reach or plan to achieve is truly what we want and who we truly are to be.

So let us look forward to stumble, upon the good and the bad while we are heading somewhere, and let us view the stumbles as a reassurance, a motivational test and view it as part of the secretes of life.

Enjoy Stumbling.

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Learning to let go

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Life is a miracle.
Until today, There are so many questions that remain unsolved.
Life is like that:
Things work without us knowing how they worked, and things stop without us knowing why they stopped.
Learning to let go is learning to enjoy watching your life fall into pieces and fall into place, over and over and over again.
When hardship is over visiting your life; fight it, when it’s winning, surrender. If you don’t surrender you will fall into agony.
If you can’t surrender, then let it take over and do what it is present for.
Accept its presence. Welcome it and get to know it, give it a chance to show you what it is present for, understand what results it is trying to make. Give that change a chance and learn about it, look at your life as a transformation period from level 9 to level 10. If you don’t; you will always live agonizing instead of accepting your life. We only value the changes in our life, once we lose them to a new change. 
Open your arms to whatever comes your way even if it isn’t what you truly wanted.
And when it is what you want and it is working out, you know deep down that the wind of change is present and is helping your life break into pieces and fall into place. That wind of change is the same one changing your life in hardship times.

Give it a chance; because the chance you’re giving, you’re only giving to yourself.