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This neighborhood is one of my favorite in Barcelona. Right in the Eixample district, named after the marketplace designed by Antoni between the 1872 and 1882. St-Antoni-2The market was not really operating when I was there, I think it is under construction. But there were several markets happening around the neighborhood.

Brunch is maybe the most important meal in Sant Antoni, therefore you will find several cute hipster little shops that will call upon you as “see me, I am different”.

I recommend you try the eggs with spinach at Federal Cafe A very cool brunch and cafe in BarcelonaI loved the concept of the window seating that you will find in several other shops around the area. Federal Cafe serves great coffee and desert as well. Carrot cake map camera and a coffeeWIFI is also available in most shops, and they are great to work from, read, mingle with friends, or just enjoy the food. A very cool brunch and cafe in BarcelonaAnother place I recommend visiting is Cafe Cometa a beautiful interior of an urben cafeA little more artsy, with many graphic prints on the wall, also very similar to the style that Federal Cafe offers, Brunch and Dessert that you will find hard to choose from the menu. Cometa CafeThis is a very cute little place with two floors. They have divided the WIFI section on the second floor for people who are there to work, and those who are just enjoying their food and friends in the ground level. Cometa CoffeeI then defiantly recommend Cafe Taranna which is also a great night out for Tapas, not to forget mentioning that most of these shops have a beautiful cute atmosphere at night to hang out and enjoy. A very cool brunch and cafe in BarcelonaAs mentioned before, the seating is very casual, hip and fun. The music is also selected with taste along with the friendly atmosphere and service. Cometa CafeI have something for interior design, or more like something for anything that beautifully different. CafeAll things pretty on my list of to see and try.Cometa CoffeeThen if you are a sugar lover, you must not miss on the most amazing donuts … Colorful and great looking donutsVisit and try the Donuteria, with their exquisite selection of donut flavors that you have never came across before. DonuteriaI am pretty sure Sant Antoni will not let you down, day or night. Just go there for a walk, and you will come across a very cool atmosphere that will just call you in for a good morning or evening. Saint Antoni MarketHistory mixed with today’s creativity is all it takes to create something that is never to be forgotten. Barcelona Architecture is a prime Cirque houseBarcelona Architecture is a primeBarcelona Architecture is a primeTake me back to BARCELONA.


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