24 hours in Lebanon

“All you have shall some day be given. Therefore give now, that the season of giving may be yours and not your inheritors. You often say, “I will give, but only to the deserving” The trees in your orchid say not so, nor the flocks in your posture. They give that they may live, for to withhold is to perish…”Jibran khalil Jibran

Always start your day with coffee, turkish, espresso, american, arabian, just start it off fresh. Then start walking, down town Beirut, Hamra, Ein Mreisse, Rass Beirut, Zaitunay Bay, Beirut Souks, Saifi Village, Gammayzeh, Monot, Achrafieh, Mar Mikhael, Bourk Hammoud. Just walk where the wind takes you, look at the authentic streets, the old carriages, the people running in the morning along the port, people fishing, experience things you have never imagined you ever will. Speak to the locals, listen to their stories, eat their food, look into their eyes, look for the art, the graffiti, the music, be spontaneous, pray in a temple, which ever one that calls upon you. Get into a house, have more coffee at their balcony, walk some more, keep a smile on even if you see anyone frowning, take a cab to the closest beach town, Batroun, Jiyeh, Jbeil, Jounieh, Faraya, Tyre. Swim if the weather is fantastic, read a book if it is a little cold, drive around a close by mountain town, Zarour, Arz, Laklouk, Faraya, Tannourine, overlook Beirut from above. Head back downtown, join a protest, there must be one around, listen to the people chant, wave their flags. Walk again between the old streets, watch their sunset, and try to find a Lebanese dabkeh or traditional dance near by at night. Enjoy Lebanon.

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A Mediterranean city dipped in Rose Water – Beirut – الى بيروت –


Where ever you are, in what ever circumstances you find your self, always strive to be a lover, a passionate lover. When love becomes your possession, you will will always be a lover – in the grave, at the resurrection, in paradise, forever. When you plant wheat, it will surely be wheat that grows; wheat will be in the storehouse, and wheat will be in the oven. “Rumi”

Beirut is dipped in Rose water, because their people are passionately in love with it. It is dipped in rose water, because where ever you go, you see people speaking passionately about it. Beirut speaks love in every corner, it is furnished with Rose water. It has witnessed miracles, surviving its continuous agonies; the people of Beirut know exactly how to keep healing it. They are lovers to it. And once you decide to visit Beirut, look into its history, but let its history power you with hope. It is joyous, no matter how upset it is, it maintains its joy, because of the love, the people of Beirut, pour into it. Because they are aware of every little wound, and they are aware that love is the answer, and with love, Beirut can survive all of it.

What does life look like in Beirut? – كيف شكل العيشة في بيروت ؟

Forget about politics, am here to talk about the city of Beirut.

Where modern architecture is embedded with the old. Beirut is rich in history. The citizens  of Beirut take good care of it. You walk between its streets to see modern on top of vintage. It gives you the feeling that layers of stories are topped one on top of the other. They leave the old in it, and just glue the new like plastic surgery on top of it.

Art and culture.

Beirut makes you feel at home, even if you are not Lebanese, you will still feel home. It may let you feel in chaos, as it is a very busy fast paced city, it can let you walk slow, but then it runs over you.

There is so much to find in Beirut, scattered hiding around the corners, ask about new areas, hip shops, look for them and browse them. There is too much of everything, and it is always changing, just don’t stop yourself from exploring the cities deepest wonders.

And once your anywhere, just look at the art that surrounds you. Beirut is full of art.

Have you ever tried making Home made – Hummus?

Have you ever tried making Hummus at home?

ingredients for the hummus palestinian jordanian lebanese dish chickpeas olive oil

Here is your chance a full recipe from a Middle-Eastern Mother – have it your way Hummus.

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup.

This is not it, How to make tomato soup and why is tomato good for you, check out my new blog post and make yourself your family and friends a delicious tomato soup.

Tomato art styling and food styling with garlic and red flowers

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