Here are things to do at Barcelona Beaches, Spain.


For those of you who have been to Barcelona, I am sure you have already been to the beach side which is only about 10 minutes away from the center of the city. And for those who haven’t been, here is a list of things to do during your visit.

Beach and sunset1- Jog along the coastline and get to know more about the beaches that Barcelona has. It is a long stretch of 9KM. Barceloneta

2- There is a jogging/Cycling track along the coastline, so rent a bicycle and take a ride by Barcelona’s coastline. Bicycles

3- After checking the beaches out, choose your favorite and get some sun tan. Barceloneta

4- Swim and do some beach sports. surf table

5- Look out for local bands playing around the beach area.

Live music in Barcelona

6- Dance a little or a little too much at one of the beach parties happening during the day and night. Beach Party

7- Stay for sunset and watch the magic of life. Window of the surf house beach cafe

8- Wake up real early one day and go down to watch the sunrise. Sunrise

9- Eat Paella at one of their best seafood restaurants. Barceloneta


10- Drink fresh cocktails and have some good ice cream.

Surf HouseWhat ever it is that you end up doing, remember that it is always about your spirit and the company.Walking along side the beach areaSurf House

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Old houses and architecture in Barcelona by Gaudi and others

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Morning Diary 22 – I can’t think of a better day… Spend your day between the beaches and the mountains of Barcelona.

Tuesday, November 18 2014

Barcelona, Spain

Another irresistible sunny day, where me and my bubbly cousin decided to take the day off and bike to the Bogatell beach area for a quick tan before we head towards Montjuic for a sunset view only to realize that the sun sets from the other mountain side which is where the Tibidabo is. Nonetheless, Montjuic is worth a full day for it is one incredibly huge park that is just filled with magical nature, and for the love of nature, you do need a little nature self time every once in a while. I also probably haven’t mentioned this before in my posts, but my best advice for all those who are planning to visit Barcelona is to rent a bicycle as soon as you arrive. Getting around is very easy and it becomes so much easier and much more fun by bicycle.

A great folk song for you today by The deep dark woods, All the money I had is gone.

All photographs are taken with a Canon 70D

Morning Diary 18 – My first day in Barcelona was a run to the beach area for son sun lovin’…

Friday, November 14 2014

Barcelona – Spain

After few weeks of chilly weather between Germany and Switzerland, arriving in Barcelona felt like breathing again. Not that I wasn’t breathing back in Switzerland, but even when you’re a little cold, you hardly take a deep breath in that draws a natural smile all the way from your heart to your face. There is a little extra something about a weather that calls upon you for a quick suntan, and that is exactly what I did on my first day in Barcelona, walked between the authentic streets of Sant Antoni down the Rambla towards the beautiful Port Olimpic and Barceloneta.

Take a look at some of my photos while you listen to one of the best sons I stumbled upon in Barcelona for Gabriella Ferri, Remedios.