Let Your Mind Serve You, Let It Not Destroy You

It is like being stuck in jail, only you have made this jail by yourself for your own self. Caged inside your own thoughts and head, creating knots that only gloom your serenity and sanity. You block the air from reaching out to your brains to free your repeated thoughts from strangling you down your own drain. Just breath, forget about it for a moment, get up and shake it off, move, leave, do something different, put a smile on someone’s face, change the nature you have created around you and pull yourself down to your own ground. Breath again, think about the possibilities, the multiple doors that can yet still open, think about the miracles that took place and still can take place , think about your opportunities, un-limit yourself and stop limiting yourself. Free yourself from your own cage, your own mind that can twist you apart. Let your mind serve you and let it not destroy you… Autonomy

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