Morning Diary 24 – A love affair in between the old streets of Barcelona

Saturday, November 22 2014

Day 7

Always leave the best for last, although sometimes it also isn’t the best thing to do given the nature of life and how unpredictable things are, but gladly I must say, today was fantastic. Started my day with my cousin Darine, biking to the beach sight to watch the sunrise, returned my gorgeous bicycle and started my walk between my favorite streets in Barcelona. Starting point was Gracia, to send most of my time in my favorite area taking it down to Sagrada Familia, down to the center of Catalina, Ramblas, Gottica and El Born. Getting lost between streets, finding incredible finds, and the deepest jewels are always in the lowest bottom end of the ocean, so you got to keep digging until you find shops, people, and wisdom that you will always and forever remember. This life we live in, if it is lived without art surrounding us, then it truly is missing out on the best there is. Don’t settle down for less than the art you enjoy, the art you connect with, the art you can use to speak for you. Art is in everything.

When it is time to say goodbye, it is also time to listen to songs you relate to and sing them out loud: Riding through the city on my bike all day cause the filth took away my license It doesn’t get me down and I feel okay Cause the sights that I’m seeing are priceless. You might laugh, you might frown Walkin’ round the mid town… Sun is the sky Oh why, Oh why would I wanna be anywhere else? Sun is in the sky Oh why, oh Why would I wanna be anywhere else?

Here is Ldn by Lily Allen

All photographs are taken with a Canon 70D

Morning Diary 20 – Strolling the hipster corners of Barcelona

Sunday, November 16 2014

Barcelona, Spain

When I travel, I usually like to find the unusual and most artsy shops. So I do my research and read what other bloggers have to advice. In my below photos, I have decided to follow one of the online travel guides for 12hrs in Barcelona which I highly recommend you checking out since I truly had an incredible time hoping from one shop to another and experiencing the most tasteful artful and urban shops in Barcelona. Of course, you will always find your little something in between, so while you follow someone else’s advice do not hesitate switching gears and following what calls on for you. From Sant Antoni, to Ramblas, Boqueria market, Carrer del Carme, Gotica, and El Born. I will be talking more in depth about them as soon as I add Barcelona to my travel tab, meanwhile enjoy this indie song by Zack Sobiech, clouds.

All photographs are taken with a Canon 70D