Spring in Webdeh

What about closing out the outside world,

What about staying inside your own being exploring your own ventures,

What about not giving a f and listening to your inner sound,

What about being sure your not missing out and instead you explore the movements within you,

What about you ignore it all and just give yourself the chance to explore your being,

Create some art, your kinda art, the art that is just different from anything else, and guess what, it is only art when it does not necessarily make the same sense to everyone else…

What is inside you let it outside,

Make it your outside world,

Make it what you have been missing out on instead,

Make your own art your life.

A Piece 

Found this beauty this morning on my instagram (EmergEast) and felt it was worthy to share. Since I have been absent from my blog, I decided why not do simple spreads whenever I could until I can give this blog my time again.

It has been hectic as going back to school after you turn thirty is pretty different than when you go to school right away. It is a different form of decision and will, priorities change and the will to aim high changes.

This on the other hand is a photograph from my weekend of Persian Food that I was absolutely brushed away by their sincerity in giving love and art to their plates. A Saffron Chicken dish sparkled with dried petals, grated vegetables for garnish, colorful spices and yogurt, not to forget some red-hot chilli pepper and parsley. indulge.

And although it was a gloomy weekend, it managed to still be colorful and beautiful.

Anyway have a colorful week.

Art Found in Kuwait 

Delicious Packaging; find those exquisette homemade doughnuts at InspiredEdibles (Coffee with Cocoa Nibs & Pretzels, Vanilla Custard with Freeze dried Strawberry powder, Cereal & Rasberries) Photograph by Nour AlMejadi – Find them both on Instagram 

My Art, My Piece of Life – Tuesday Doodle

We don’t plan things to be the way they always end up to be. Life is just like an art piece. You never know until you try, and the image you have had in mind could happen to turn out identical or completely different. When its art it’s never restricted, its unpredictable, you need to stay open to receive and you need to be able to mend and blend, redo and replace, you can change the colors of the image, it can take you half a day to put things together or a lifetime. It does not matter. What matters at the end is the result. Some will turn out to satisfy you for mere a second and some will last an impression forever. How will you know? You never will, until you get there, you try, you give yourself the chance to explore, to express, to perceive, to be, to happen. Life is a piece of art, your piece of art, and everyday is a new white canvas that can be separated from the canvas of yesterday or can be a continuation, some canvases will be left somewhere unremembered and some will be framed forever.

Whatever it is. It is yours. Your art piece. Your work of art. Your only work of art. Are you enjoying it while you’re puting it together or are you agonizing your way through. Are you happy with the pieces at the end of your day or are your tears drying up? Look at each piece with love and fill it with laughter, with joy. Be the sailor of your own boat, put a ribbon on your hair and shirt, paint a heart everywhere you go, glitter your eyes with what you love to see, be a friend to those in need of a listening ear, color your diary with your thoughts and feelings, be grateful and count your blessings, sing to your world, and dance on your tip toes, don’t let anything stop you, from trying a new piece of art everyday.

Creative Writing on a Tuesday Morning Inspired by My Collection of Instagram’s favorite Pieces collected from 2015, Dar_Nur, Tilly2Milly, Kidvikk, HummingBirdHigh, Kitato, _Mamannyc_, Tilly2Milly, MawiOfficial, Wenlise_Fold, Candelanovembre, Kitat.

Dar_Nur, Fatima, Hand, Hand-of-Farima, ArabianTilly2Milly, art, character, roses, petalsKidvikk, boat, paperboat, craft, handcraftHummingBirdHigh, vote, cupcake, decoration Kitato, graffiti, old, elder, roses, collage_mamannnyc_, pizza, pie, pizzapie, raseberry, character, cartoonTilly2Milly, crayon, collage, art, flowers MawiOfficial, eye, eye-makeup, makeup, golden eyeWenlise_Fold, horse, unicorn, purple, paperartCandelanovembre, diary, collage, artwork Kitato, love, heart, wallpaint, wallart

The Artistic side of Berlin resides in Friedrichshain Kreuzberg

Friedrichshain Kreuzberg.

Friedrichshain Kreuzberg are formed by former East Berlin as Friedrichshain and West Berlin as Kreuzberg. They are both linked through the historic Oberbaum Bridge that used to be the Berlin border crossing for pedestrians. Today the two districts are the most hip in Berlin. With all its walls sprayed with Graffiti and art, pubs, restaurants and shops. Worth the walk, or a bicycle ride.

What can be seen and done at Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg

 A walk along the River Spree and Oberbaum Bridge

A walk or bicycle ride along the East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall)

An international memorial for freedom. A section of the Berlin Wall, and is made out of 105 paintings by artists from all over the world. It is considered to be the largest and longest lasting opening air gallery in the world.

Street Art

Graffiti with man blowing butterflies from his mouthThe Streets and the People 

ShopRead More…

What is behind the beautiful designs of Cecilie Copenhagen and the Palestinian Keffiyeh? شماغ فلسطين في الدينمارك

Cecilie Copenhagen Shmakh Hatta كوفية حَطّة شماغAs I stumbled upon Cecilie Copenhagen on instagram, I immediately fell in lover with her designs. I also then started wondering, if there is a message behind her collection? But I didn’t find any messages. The only message I concluded that the designer behind this collection just fell in love with the fabric, that to most of the Arabs is very political.

And since am an Arab, I must admit my attached relationship to this fabric, that we refer to as “kufiya الكوفة, shemagh شماغ, or Hattah حَطّة”. This fabric means so much more than just a scarf, it is a statement. To me, it is a remembrance of my love and belonging to a home that I am not allowed to refer to freely, as my home. It also gives me a sense of unity, to every and to each person that carries or wears this scarf around themselves. This fabric is a connection, it is the dream for unity, human nation equality, for eternal world-wide peace and love.

(Photos belong to Cecilie Copenhagen.)

To Arabs, this is a fabric used as a scarf for protection against sunburn, cold wind, dust and sand. It comes in different colors, but mainly black & white or red & white. To Palestinians, the black & white scarf grew to become a symbol, a national fabric, a political message worn to most protests and events. It is a statement of Palestinians rights to return home, Palestinians right to full human rights, and the recognition of Palestine, the land that has been occupied and terrorized since 1948.

(Photos are from google and are not related to Cecilie Copenhagen Collection.)

This fabric has been recently used by many designers, Arabs and non Arabs, who tried to create a trend, a fashionable statement in combination with its political symbol. But I must admit, that the designs of Cecilie Jorgensen who is behind Cecilie Copenhagen that claims to have nothing to do with politics and yet has everything to do with fashion; are just beautiful.

(Photos belong to Cecilie Copenhagen.)

I personally can’t wait to see what is next and I can’t wait to order from her website Cecilie Copenhagen or from Browns Fashion. You can read more on Cecilie Copenhagen from the following blog posts: Rich Girls, Rosy Cheeks, Sage and Clare, and Cover.

Cecilie Copenhagen

Golden threads of Bethlehem; an Exhibition not to be missed nor forgotten.

The-Work-Of-Art-Palestinian-EmboideryWhat a beautiful exhibition, if we can only have more of them. I feel thirsty to learn about my culture, to learn about the beautiful existing artists and talents in this region I live in. Golden Threads of Bethlehem is an exhibition held by Tiraz in Amman, Jordan, in the name of the vibrant, creative, artistic, cultural legacy and costume industry of Bethlehem, Palestine, during the period of 1880 to 1948.

These threads are threads of Bethlehem, with tales of Palestinian people, with hand work of embroidery by Palestinian woman, made with love and has been cherished and saved by Widad Kawar for long and now are exhibited to tell us that history will remain the story of our lives. As the Tiraz Centre Profile puts it, “Golden Threads is about more than remembering the past: it is an attempt to bring a tradition to life. It is a visual-historical reference point to what Bethlehem and Palestine once were and, one day, will become again.”

What I loved the most about the exhibition, is the colors, the fabric, the embroidery of each piece displayed. They are more than breathtaking, pieces of art, historic hand-made poetry. Each drawing is a symbol, each pattern is a story, every color has a tale, this is Palestinian haute couture, made by Palestinian women writing stories for woman to carry around. Palestinian-Embroidery-Bethlehem

“Before the 1967 occupation, any traveler to Bethlehem would first have been struck by the rainbow-colours of the women’s costumes. In Bethlehem, the typical costume was called “Malak” meaning “Royal, Angel, Queen” described as the “Queen of Dresses” in Palestine. The women of Bethlehem set the fashion trends for village women in the towns of Beit Jala, Beit Sahour, Ein Karem, Malha, Artes, Silwan. Lifta and among others who often wore the malak as their wedding dress. Their versions were often heavily embroidered.” (From the Golden Threads of Bethlehem Exhibition Booklet with minor edits.) 

“One of the most famous weaving factories belonged to the Naser family. Ibrahim Naser established in 1892. The factory also produced green stripped “ikhdari” fabric and burgundy “jiljili” cloth. Wollen cloth “Abaya” for men were woven in stripes of natural colors off-white, brown, and black. The first velvet “Malak” costume to be introduced to the market in 1928 when Najib the son of Ibrahim sent a piece of the Malak fabric to Krefeld, Germany to have its striped design reproduced in velvet.” (From the Golden Threads of Bethlehem Exhibition Booklet with minor edits.) 

The “Malak Dress” is a dress fit for a queen as Tiraz puts it in display and words. The malak dress is a masterpiece, it was custom to get married in this dress, and some women asked to be buried with it and therefore most of the dresses are lost. The main form of embroidery used is the “tahriry” or what is known as the “couching stitch”, and the thread used is usually silk or gold cord. The space between the stitch is usually filled with satin stitch in many colors of silk thread.

The head-piece is called “Shatweh” which is also called the woman’s crown in Bethlehem. Made with red or green felt and decorated with embroidery and coins. It was also only worn by married women. (The picture below is of Embroidered traditional bridal headdress from Beit Dajan with Ottoman coins called weqayeh)Palestinian-Embroidery-Bethlehem The mini jacket is called “Taksiri” which the women would wear over the malak dress. The dress is usually made using felt or velvet fabric and embroidered in silk thread or gold cord. Embroidery in Palestine Bethlehem Birthplace of Jesus, destroyed then rebuilt by the Romans, and subjected to the Arab, Ottoman, and British rule, the eternal town of Bethlehem has been a place of pilgrimage and importance for Christians, Muslims and Jews for many centuries. For Palestinians in particular, it is a homeland which recalls memories of a more peaceful and gentle time. Despite the fall of the Ottoman Empire and Balfour declaration in 1917, day-to-day life continued in Palestine much as it was before. Few then understood the chain of events that would result in the 1948 war and the forced exodus of over 700,000 Palestinians from their land, and the placement of the city under occupation. Palestinian embroidery Today, and thanks to Widad Kawar, and to all her supporters and sponsors, what was her dream, and the dream of many Palestinians has now been turned into Tiraz. A new home for Widad Kawar’s collection of traditional Arab dresses. Widad started her collection out of passion to preserve a disappearing rich textile and embroidery heritage in her homeland Palestine, and extended it to Jordan and other Arab countries with pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries. Today she has over 2000 costumes and weavings set aside at Tiraz Center not to mention the total number she has stored.

If you are anywhere in Jordan, or close by, and have the chance to visit exhibitions, then i recommend you take that chance to go and visit the open exhibition of “The Golden Threads of Bethlehem“. The exhibition will be running until March 28th 2015. When I went, there were also other beautiful items from local oriental designers like Khordda, Al Burgan Handcrafts, and Inamullumani.

All pictures were taken using my all time favorite Canon 70D, information in this post are all from the Tiraz Center Profile. Drawing of an Arab woman with many traditional dresses This drawing was made by Linda Kilani after her visit to the exhibition.

Fashion Reflex: The Art Trend & how to wrap the best of it around yourself.

Art is an incredible way to express yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, and your understanding. Art is free, it is the freedom of expression, you can express your love in artistic way, you can express your anger through art, and you can express what is hard to speak or write through art. Art is an international language. There is art for every one of us, and we should all be artistic in our own way.

Fabric prints is art; stripes, colors, patterns, prints, all of it is a form of art, how you dress, what you mix, and what you put on is a form of art. So be artistic, in the way you shop, what you choose to dress, how you dress it, create patterns, draw sometimes, back, sing, or dance, be creative and let it all out.

Today I choose to share with you the art I found in the prints of this seasons fall winter 2014/2015 looks by designers like Burberry Prorsum, Diane Von Furstenberg, Elie Saab, Etro, Issa, Just Cavali, Karen Walker, Leonard, Manish Arora, Opening Cermony, Talbot Runhof, Tia Cibani, and many more. All pictures belong to www.style.com

Fashion Reflex: Fabric matching is a form of art.

Fabrics are super beautiful, and mixing the right fabrics together will only create an art piece. It is like creating your own textile; trying different types or colors together, creating a new painting, and expressing. We are all different because we all like different things and we lead a different life, different aspiration, interest and different personalities.

The best part about standing out is going for what you long for, and not what everyone else has on. You are who you are because you are different, and that is what makes you beautiful. Cherish your differences, and everyone else will cherish the artist you have in you.

Below you will find outfits that are made from different fabrics mixed together. All pictures belong to www.style.com and include designs by Phillip Lim, Diane Von Furstenberg, Leonard, Missoni, Miu Miu, Narciso Rodriguez, Nicole Miller, Valentino, and many more.

Have you ever been to Amman, the capital city of Jordan?

Morning Diary 21 – A day with Gaudi in Barcelona

Monday, November 17 2014

Barcelona, Spain

I dedicate this post to Gaudi, and pray: may your soul be as freely creative as it once was and thank you for the beautiful architecture you have left us to get inspired with and go by example. Truly nothing is impossible, today I decided to elaborate and search within my soul for the connection I have felt with Gaudi’s work and I share with you the following: 1- Trust your instincts 2- The best things happen unexpectedly and 3- Everything has beauty.

Now enjoy the life you have between your hands, and listen to your deepest callings, try to be the most different there is in you, and stand out. Only those who share with the world, this that they believed truly and deeply in but no one else was able to express are the ones who will always be truly remembered.

Here is one of my favorite alternative rock songs by Half Moon, Run half circle.

All photographs are taken with a Canon 70D