Why you want to add Ghent to your Travel List

I was going to title this blog post (Ghent is better looking than Bruges) but I felt that would be unfair for me to say. Bruges is beautiful, but there was a little something more to Ghent. Like an unfamiliar spice maybe, that hits you with a spark that does not budge. Seriously, Ghent took my breath away, I think it was above my expectations, maybe I had very little expectations of it, maybe it is underrated. Ghent is so beautiful, it is mesmerizing. I still remember very well entering the city of Ghent, we decided to visit it before Bruges so we get most of the time in Bruges, but I guess the next time I will want to spend a full day in Ghent.

We entered the city, that slowly grew to become more medieval, the castles, and architecture of the middle ages are so loud and enormous, you will find your self in aw. The river is captivating, and you get to see it everywhere you look, between bridges, streets, shops and houses. This city kept surprising us with more beautiful architecture, art on the walls, and energy. There is energy in Ghent that I have not tasted elsewhere. You will find yourself smiling, and maybe dancing between the streets, literally, I did it, I even skyped with loved ones, I had to show them what I was seeing, it is that beautiful. The more you walk, the more you will be captivated by it, the more you will feel drawn to it, and the more you will want to spend more time in it. So visit Ghent with time between your hands, don’t rush it, don’t squeeze it between two cities, don’t underestimate it. It sure is more beautiful than you will expect or see in my photographs.

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Art found in Bruges

I am a little late publishing the post about my visit to Bruges… actually, am a little too late. I have visited Bruges last march, yup that is around six months ago, wow, it was at the beginning of the year, and look at us now in September. Well I have been pretty busy discovering more about myself, trying to put my pieces into places, I think I have done a good job, I deserve to celebrate, but I will wait a little more on the celebration.

For now, I will focus on sharing my remarkable experience in Bruges. This city, I must say is not like any other. It is heavenly beautiful. Your eyes will want to pop out from their place, like literally, if you are into architecture as much as I am, or even not so, you will just be crying while you look at the art pieces built together, this place is better than lego land. The houses, the colors of the doors, the way they are so flat and just like a big poster, but a 3D or a 4D poster (whatever makes more sense to you) where you can just open doors, and windows, and live inside them, this place… who lives in Bruges anyway?

It looks like a vacation city, imagine living in a vacation city? Well I guess that option is available. The only thing I did not enjoy, and it is kinda upsetting to have not enjoyed one thing in this pleasant place, is it’s food. The food was pretty disappointing. But I guess this gives you a reason to do prepare a nice picnic or just eat some fruits while you stroll.

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A song to enjoy yourself while looking at my photographs:

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Art in the Palace – Brussels

Art is in everything, not only in what you see, art exists in what we don’t see, it exists in our thoughts, in the scent, in the words we speak, the words we hear, art resides inside all our hearts, and if we don’t see the art, then nothing we see will ever be beautiful.

Here I share some images from my travel in Brussels, Justice Palace, Halle Gate, and the famous Manneken Pis, all three in which art you will see.

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The Architecture of Zanzibar

Because who are you, if you are not so different from everyone else? Click here to learn more about the culture and life in Zanzibar. 

Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6

The Reflection of Architecture. A Creative Writing Piece.

One morning, while I was in Tripoli, I woke up with an urge to go study the architecture of few monuments in the old town city. It felt more like… it was an internal study, a study of my own soul architecture. As I went gazing and zooming in with my camera, into what looked like an Ottoman design, I was able to see a reflection of myself. Refined architecture. That is hidden between several other elements, creating some sort of haziness. They are there, right there, but no one can see them. They are too busy with their every day routine, that they never get to once sit, and enjoy the beauty that lies between their own reflection. They have taken everything for granted. They don’t really question the meaning of their existence, seeing them standing out, not noticing that they do not look like the rest of the other buildings. So they have been blended along with all the other buildings, and they will only rise again when someone takes initiative to pull the curtains off. They are curtains covering the eyes of the people, and not covering the work of art. The work of art, is there, visible. And that is when, people will question, “how did we grow up to become so blinded?” And that is my soul architecture, it has been created in a way no other can see but myself. I can see it, so clearly, if I give myself the opportunity to. I can sit and watch my own soul stand out. I can sit and watch my own soul put, as it was put in the first place. Watch the design, it was created to appear to be, and let it be what it is here to be.

All about the magnificent Sagrada Familia


The famous Catholic Church of Barcelona. The incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiDesigned by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi 1852-926. Gaudi for the love of Barcelona Architecture SpainIncomplete until today, Sagrada Familia is attracting people from around the world to visit Barcelona only to see it. In love at first sight, this piece of art is worth the years of work put into it. Gaudi Barcelona Architecture SpainThe style of the church is from the Gothic and Art Nouveau forms. The designer Antoni Gaudi died when the church was only quarterly done. Gaudi Magic workThe project is supposed to be complete by the year 2026. I enjoyed staring at the details of this architect. A true piece of Art.

The incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiThe incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiEvery corner has a story untold. The incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiThe incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiThe incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiThe incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiSo much passion and love was put into it and is visible. Barcelona Architecture SpainThe incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudi
The incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiThe incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiThe incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiThe incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiA world heritage site. 
The incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiThe incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudiClose up photo of the details of the church La Segrada Familia in BarcelonaClose up photo of the details of the church La Segrada Familia in BarcelonaClose up photo of the details of the church La Segrada Familia in BarcelonaClose up photo of the details of the church La Segrada Familia in BarcelonaClose up photo of the details of the church La Segrada Familia in Barcelona

Can not get over it until today. Breathtaking. The incredible art of Gaudi architecture a day with gaudi

Live like a Bohemian in Gràcia.


After a week of exploring Barcelona, I decided to visit Gràcia neighborhood again. Streets of Barcelona I more like, decided to spend a full day in Gràcia. Door and wall in Barcelona GraciaThis neighborhood was established in 1626, with a convent under the name “Our lady of Grace / Nostra Senyora de Gràcia”.Gràcia, and was independent of Barcelona until 1897. Brown old door and house in BarcelonaGràcia is a neighborhood full of life. Differs from the rest of the neighborhoods for not crossing the street of La Rambla, nor is it connected to the center, but is a little ride up a hill. Bicycle in BarcelonaGràcia is famous for its squares “Carrer”. You will find many squares, I think famous for 5 public squares. SquaresSquares of Gràcia are known to live the day and night. They are usually filled with outdoor tables, live bands, and laughers. Nightlife Barcelona Architecture SpainChhurch Streets of barcelona artsyIf you decide to spend the day there, then make sure you walk and look for the art that resides in it.

In barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsMarket Streets of barcelona artsyQuino shop in BarcelonaBicycle infront of a shopBarcelona is known for its friendly people and comfortable atmosphere. You will also feel very much welcomed in Gràcia. Barcelona old neighborhoodMake sure you find the popular Carrer Verdi and explore the shops there. Gracia-VerdiI was very lucky to stumble upon a Palestinian cuisine restaurant that will meet your fantasy. Great food, interior design and hostess. You do not want to miss it. Aska Dinya Palestinian restaurant in BarcelonaAska Dinya Palestinian restaurant in BarcelonaAska Dinya Palestinian restaurant in BarcelonaAska Dinya Palestinian restaurant in BarcelonaHave incredible Tiramisu and coffee at Nabucco.Gracia NabuccoArt space in a coffee shopBest tiramisu in BarcelonaUnforgettable sushi at Kibuka.KibukaBest of all, are all the colored walls you will come across. Orange wall gracia barcelonaOrange wall in BarcelonaBlue and purple door in BarcelonaPink and brown wall in barcelonaShop in BarcelonaRed shop in barcelonaGraciaStreets of barcelona artsyOld vintage drinking water fountainGraffiti art in BarcelonaGraciaGracia
A very unpredictable neighborhood and a very predictable love affair. GraciaGraffiti art in BarcelonaArt Space in BarcelonaLibrary in BarcelonaStreets of barcelona artsyFind very cozy cafe’s. In barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsIn barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsIn barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsIn barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsBike inspired shop in BarcelonaBiciociBiciociBest tiramisu in BarcelonaIn barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsHave a romantic dinner. Nightlife Barcelona Architecture SpainNightlife Barcelona Architecture SpainOlive tree Nightlife Barcelona Architecture SpainGo for a door hunt.Beige door Streets of barcelona artsyOld brown antique vintage door Streets of barcelona artsyIn barcelona you can find many hipster unusual artistic shopsOld brown door Streets of barcelona artsyBrown door Streets of barcelona artsybeige doorBlue door in BarcelonaBrown door with bicycle in BarcelonaGracia

And as usual, enjoy the art of its architecture. Colored Buildings Streets of barcelona artsyStreets of barcelona artsy

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gateway to el born

Visit El Born

OId door

Visit Barri Gotic

A nice cute shop with a beautiful white bicycle

Visit El Raval

9 things to do when in Solothurn

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One of the most beautiful cities, I have ever visited.

Solothurn is a small city located along the Aare river and is known as the finest baroque town in Switzerland. Now all I wanted after visiting Solothurn, is to go back in time and history… Or, move to Solothurn and start my life all over again…

1. Wander around, and enjoy the art and details of the architecture.

2. Explore the Baroque and the Medieval and count windows.

3. Visit the St. Ursus Cathedral, which was first built-in the middle ages, renovated several times and looks like this today.

4. Search for the 11 fountains and learn about meaning behind the number 11. 

5. Explore the Clock Tower, built-in 1467 with an added astronomic clock-works in 1545. 

6. Visit Seit 1830 or what is also known as Kerzen Kolonialwaen Jeger shop for an unforgettable experience of shopping. 

Jeger kerzenjeger

7. Then have a quick bite at the most delicious Middle Eastern restaurant Pittaria that serves food from falafel, hummus, shwerma and more. Palestinian owner, cozy atmosphere and surely worth the visit.

8. Then it is time for dessert, and when in Switzerland, what is better than good chocolates for dessert. Visit Confiserie Hofer and Oetterli Kafee.

9. If you have the time, then I think this city was made for bicycles. It is spacious, no traffic, safe, and just utterly beautiful. 

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10 beautiful quotes to live by a great Man… Read to learn more on Love and Kindness.


  1. There is no beauty better than the intellect.
  2. The best richness is the richness of the soul.
  3. The seeking of knowledge is obligatory.
  4. From the best virtues is to reconnect with the people who disconnected you, and give those who deprived you, and to forgive those who were unjust to you.
  5. The best charity is to learn the good and then to pass it on by teaching the good that was learnt to others.
  6. Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it. Whenever it is taken from something, it leaves it tarnished.
  7. Each faith has a distinct characteristic, and the distinct characteristic of Islam is modesty.
  8. The best among you is the one who doesn’t harm others with his words and hands.
  9. Give to the one whose door is nearer to you.
  10. Help those with sorrow, and guide those who have lost their way.

Quoted by the Prophet Mohammad PBUH

In a day like today, we need to remind the world, that the discrimination and racism against Islam is only a propaganda like all the past propaganda’s the world have witnessed in history that created discrimination, hate, racism, and broken homes.

Today is the Birth Date of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH in the Hijri year of 12 Rabi’ul Awwal 1436 AH and I believe this day must be celebrated in the simplest ways by sharing love and kindness like the Prophet once shared with the world. Most his quotes are associated to being kind, giving, forgiving, and treating people with love and respect. The stereotype of Islam today is false; for violence, terror, and savages are 3 things that are not welcomed by the Prophet Mohammad PBUH or by Islam as a religion. Islam stands for peace, and peace is what all religions and faiths preach for.

Therefore, today I wish to celebrate with you Love and Kindness in the name of our beloved Prophet.

Some photographs are mine, and some are just from Pintrest. You can easily search them by using the title of the image.

Morning Diary 21 – A day with Gaudi in Barcelona

Monday, November 17 2014

Barcelona, Spain

I dedicate this post to Gaudi, and pray: may your soul be as freely creative as it once was and thank you for the beautiful architecture you have left us to get inspired with and go by example. Truly nothing is impossible, today I decided to elaborate and search within my soul for the connection I have felt with Gaudi’s work and I share with you the following: 1- Trust your instincts 2- The best things happen unexpectedly and 3- Everything has beauty.

Now enjoy the life you have between your hands, and listen to your deepest callings, try to be the most different there is in you, and stand out. Only those who share with the world, this that they believed truly and deeply in but no one else was able to express are the ones who will always be truly remembered.

Here is one of my favorite alternative rock songs by Half Moon, Run half circle.

All photographs are taken with a Canon 70D