The best of all recipes: Spinach Triangles – فطائر السبانخ

Spinach Triangles – فطائر السبانخ.

The smell of Sabanekh “what stands for Spinach triangles or Fatayer Sabanekh” are just mesmerizing. The taste of the Sabanekh is just unforgettable. My mother’s Sabanekh are usually crunchy from the outside and very soft and juicy from the inside, literally mouth-watering.

Sabanekh always remind me of my childhood when we used to go for family gatherings, there is always Sabanekh triangles, and they are always made so good. It is like you can identify the character of the person behind making them. Some are too sour, some are too soft, some are crunchy, some are spicy, some are mini, some are not in a triangle shape, and so on… I do not usually like sabanekh with big chunks of onion pieces inside, the ones with very little juicing and not much of sour in them. Sabanekh must taste a memory or leave a memory. Yes I think I am just obsessed with those Sabanekh, and you will only understand me if you have tried SUZIE|S or when you try her recipe.

When do we serve those yummy spinach pastries?

They are usually an appetizer, or a welcoming dish to start with; sometimes they are tagged along with all the savory pastries for parties and events. You can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am telling you they are just what you are looking for.

Not to forget to mention, those triangles are great for school, picnic, work, they are just easy to wrap and go. You can always make them along side the Sfeeha and have a lucky lunch day at work or school.


Ofcourse it is good for you, we all know it, thanks to Popeye. They are really good for skin and hair, bone and health because they provide high protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals. It also improves blood glucose control in diabetes, lowering the risk of cancer, lowering blood pressure, and strengthens the bone.

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