How to make Middle-Easteen Meat Balls, Kofta in Tomato sauce | طريقة عمل كفتة بالبندور

Kofta in Tomato | Kafta | كفتة بالبندورة.

Middle-Eastern Meat balls or what is known to the Arabs as the Tomato Kofta also known as Kafta Kebab with tomato sauce  كفتة بالبندورة, كفتة بلطماطم

Kebab is a very popular Middle Eastern dish, but did you ever hear of Kufta? Kufta stands for Meat balls in Arabic. A very general dish. It is served almost everywhere around the world only with the different types of flavoring depending on the food culture of the country. Beef with curry sauce, Beef with coconut sauce or Orange sauce, Meat Balls, Beef stew, Kebab, Souvlaki….

In the Middle East, Meat balls are popular, but we know them as Kufta or in other Arabian accents Kefta, Kafta, or Kofta. They are made very similar to how the Kebab are made, only cooked a little different and garnished with different flavors. You can have a Middle Eastern Kufta with tomato sauce, tahini sauce, or pomegranate molasses.

Today, I will be sharing with you the very original common “Kefta bil bandoura” which stands for Kofta in Tomato sauce. Some people like to add potatoes and red pepper, some people like to add eggplants and onions. But today, my talented mother and favorite chef in the world decided to only concentrate it with fresh tomatoes.

Enjoy the recipe, and have pita bread handy for this dish can be eaten by fork or with bread.


Makes enough for 6 people – 1hr 1/2 total time required

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Do you have a Titanium in you? هل انت جبار؟ و ما معنى الجبار

The Powerful, Compeller, Titan “Al Jabar”: Which in Arabic stands for unbreakable, and to help things grow stronger and better through oppression “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”. Like your bones are compelled against breakage. And to overpower the poor to help him enrich. Al Jabar also stands for greatness. And Al Jabar derives from the Divine for nothing is made impossible and everything is made possible. And through being oppressed we learn, and after oppression we gain appreciation. And a titanium heart is a heart that finds happiness even in hardship. And it is a compliment for a person who is known for being Jabar, but from the Divine type of Jabar, a Jabar over himself. A Jabar for not being evil and harmful,  who is against wrongdoing, harming and selfishness. This type of Jabar is proud, proud to only want to be from the Divine type of Jabar, overpowered against all evil doings, and only doing what is Divine, good. “Self expression inspired by the name Al Jabar from the 99 names of God in Islam.”

الجبار: اللغة تقول : الجبر ضد الكسر ، واصلاح الشىء بنوع من القهر ، يقال جبر العظم من الكسر ، وجبرت الفقير أى أغنيته ، كما أن الجبار فى اللغة هو العالى العظيم
والجبار فى حق الله تعالى هو الذى تنفذ مشيئته على سبيل الإجبار فى كل أحد ، ولا تنفذ قيه مشيئة أحد ، ويظهر أحكامه قهرا ، ولا يخرج أحد عن قبضة تقديره ، وليس ذلك إلا لله ، وجاء فى حديث الإمام على ( جبار القلوب على فطرتها شقيها وسعيدها ) أى أنه أجبر القلوب شقيها وسعيدها على ما فطرها عليه من معرفته ، وقد تطلق كلمة الجبار على العبد مدحا له وذلك هو العبد المحبوب لله ، الذى يكون جبارا على نفسه ..جبارا على الشيطان .. محترسا من العصيان
والجبار هو المتكبر ، والتكبر فى حق الله وصف محمود ، وفى حق العباد وصف مذموم
Iqreth, اقرث