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A long time ago… it has been

Again and again and again I have been away. Too busy with the self. Not sure where this will take me yet. But I have missed blogging. I missed sharing and telling and writing and listening to my blog. I want to say I am back, as I plan to be back, but I still need few steps but I will strut if I had to. I will try my very best. And here is my first piece after considering coming back:

There is hoping, there is living, there is giving and there is being. There are those who are here for nothing but serving. Those who enjoy watching other beings grow. Those who by giving know they are bringing what is more important to our tables. It is not about giving, it is about making what is true worthy of living. Awakening our capability not to just be our highest self, but be our highest serving of our selves that help others be more of them selves. More the selves that is in reality grounded to the plantation of this earth. To the genuine reformation of prioritizing, reformation of the understanding of importance. The last longing feeling of pleasant that is not necessarily felt but acted upon. It is pure gem. It is the only pure human instinct. It is content. Change making. True change making.

Thank you Dr Kit

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