From the Back of my Head

28 – Get lost and find urself.

27 – When you got nothing,  you got nothing to loose.

26 – Life is just like a scrap-book, you run out of pages, you run
out of ink, just make sure you also run out of blank spaces between your pages.

25 – Some have nothing to lose – and some have everything.

24 – Begin to weave and God will give you the thread.

23 – Do not be hesitant be determined.

22 – You choose the life you want to live and bring upon yourself,
and I choose mine.

21 – Life is what it is; so what ever it is it is.

20 – Understand how to live through the worst parts of life, So you never take the best Parts for Granted!

19 – Every story has an end – but in life – Every ending has a new beginning.

18 – Do the unexpected and plan for the unexpected.

17 – 7 rules to a better life: 1 Never hate – 2 Live simply – 3 Expect
very little – 4 Give a lot – 5 Always smile – 6 Live with love – 7 Be with God

16 – Never close a door that is opening, you never know the treasures that belongs to you inside. Never open a door that’s closing, you never
know the pain you’ll face inside.

15 – Do little evil, to do greater good – Would you?

14 – No shoes on my feet.

13 – If you want to be a snake, ill be your poison.

12 – If you’re in doubt, just don’t do it.

11 – Thinking about interior peace destroys interior peace. The
patient who constantly feels his pulse is not getting any better.

10 – Sense of humor is healthy, if you don’t have one – share one.

9 – I set boundaries to set myself free.

8 – Getting rid of certain memories means making some room for
new experiences.

7 – Mr right vs. Mr right now.

6 – Live like a man – Love like a woman.

5 – If you are, you will be, so be it.

4 – Live – Day by day, Moment by moment.

3 – Don’t speed up – if you are bound to win, your bound to win.

2 – Life is a journey, not an investigation.

1 – My Secret recipe – everything is possible.

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