Side Dishes

Recipes for starts, side dishes and snacks. Mostly from the Levant.

Who does not love or know this Levantine side dish: Hummus?

How to make Hummus recipe, chickpeas, origins of hummus, signature

Musakhan Rolls
Those are exquisite. You must have sumac to make this dish work.

This is an essential side dish during Ramadan. Stuffed with meat and cheese.

Meat Pie – Sfeeha
This is one of my favorites. It is very easy to make and it is delicious.

طريقة عمل لحم بعجين

Spinach Pie – Sabanekh
My moms recipe. The best Sabanekh pies I ever had.

Step by Step recipe on how to make Sabanekh Triangles Pastry طريقة عمل فطائر السبانخ بالصور

This is a very famous Levantine Salad that you probably find everywhere.