Middle Eastern Dishes

Recipes from the Levant.

Okra Stew – Bamieh
A stew that can be vegetarian, served with rice or bread.

Okra & Olive Oil
This is a delicious vegetarian dish soaked in olive oil.

How to make Middle Eastern Okra with olive oil Bamieh bil zeit

Eggplant Fatteh
If you are from the Levant, this must be one of your favorites.

Chicken Fatteh
I love anything fatteh… This one is made with chicken and yogurt.

How to make a Middle-eastern chicken fatteh dish jaj طريقة عمل فتة الدجاج

A famous grain in the Middle East. This dish is famous at big events and invites.

Freekeh a Middle Eatern dish styled to perfection Foodart

Kofta & Vine Leaves
This one is exquisite, popular in Jerusalem. Not your typical Levantine dish.

Middle-Eastern-Food, Kofta-bil-waraa, Levant-Food, Arab-Food

Everyone makes Kofta at home. Here you will find two different recipes.

A popular dish in Jordan and parts of Palestine, served at big events and invites.

Eggplant Maqluba
A favorite to many Levantines. In English it is called upside down.

Another one that can be made vegetarian. A Middle Eastern star.

A Middle-Eastern Aranian dish Mulukhiah Mloukhieh green leaves vegetables with rice

Spinach Stew
Healthy, easy and delicious. This is one of my favorite. Vegetarian is optional.

Yogurt Stew – Shakriyeh
This is a very easy dish to make, served with rice and is close to the heart.

shakriyeh, laban immo, yogurt, cooked yogurt

Stuffed Chicken
Another favorite to many Levantines. A dish full of aroma.

How to make the most delicious Middle Eastern stuffed chicken with liver and nuts