My food list is a selection of Levantine (Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian) dishes, some International dishes, salads, deserts and any other recipes I try in a kitchen (mine or others) that I guarantee works, is worthy of saving and sharing. Dishes with a (V) next to them, means vegetarian or can be vegetarian.

Alphabetical Order

Adas Lentil Soup (V)

Bamieh (V)

Bamieh Bil Zeit (V) – Main dish made of Okra in Olive Oil

Blackberry Cake 

Cannelloni (V)

Chicken Pie 

Chocolate Tiramisu 

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Roll Cake

Dark Chocolate Pie 

Fatet Batinjan – Main dish made with eggplants, minced meat, tomatoes and yogurt

Fatet Jaj – Main dish made with chicken, yogurt and rice

Ferrero Roche Cake

Freekeh (V)- Main dish made with Freekeh (cereal food) and chicken


Kofta with Tomatoes – Main dish made with minced meat and tomatoes

Mansaf – Main dish made with Jameed (hard dry yogurt), rice and beef

Maqlouba – Main dish made with rice, eggplants, tomatoes

Mulukhiya (V)- Main dish made with Mulukhiya (a type of vegetable), and chicken

Musakhan Rolls – Side dish made with onions, sumac, and chicken

Orange Chocolate Cake

Orange Upside-down Cake 

Pumpkin Soup 

Sambosak – Side dish of stuffed minced beef or cheese in dough

Sfeeha – Side Dish made with minced meat, and pastry also known as Lahm bi ‘Ajeen

Spinach Pastry (V) – Side Dish

Stuffed Chicken – Main dish made with chicken, rice, and minced meat

Tabouleh (V) – Salaf made with parsley, tomatoes, and bulgur or quinoa

Tomato Soup





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