Don’t forget that when you give up something for something better & it comes around again, don’t forget why you left it in the first place. 

Yesterday i was very lucky to stumble upon a beautiful life lesson. I was reminded and i was faith strengthened.

When we give up things in our lives, we give them up for reasons. Sometimes they come around again, but when they do, you must remember very well that you once gave them up, and you must remember the reason that made you give them up. And when they are around, welcome them, but don’t be greedy, don’t misjudge, don’t come up with conclusions, don’t take it for granted once again…

Keep reminding yourself that you once gave it up. But if it is bound to be there, it will and let it be if it comes with peace. And if it doesn’t come with peace, it might be only a reassuring test for you, so resist, don’t fight it, don’t fight it to enter or leave, don’t let your self-interest rise above yourself again, when your self-interest was once the reason to let it go.

It makes a big difference when things are granted with no self-interest, but a pure interest, a collective interest, a true interest. Good intentions. We sometimes loose it. But life always manages to remind us of good intentions. You decide to be a better person & so you let go of what is no longer serving you. But once it is around again, do not forget that self-interest that will shadow over your eyes. Keep your self-interest under control.

Remind yourself to be in complete harmony with yourself, with your spirituality, with your connection to earth.

Free yourself 

“Ignorance is God’s prison. Knowing is God’s palace.” Rumi – it is always right to unlock the prison within ourself & start by asking life for help. Ask life to help you clear out the way for you, to show you what is good for you & what is confusing you, ask life to show you the way out of closed doors & into open doors, ask God to help you find your answers & not stay stuck around question marks, ask God to help you learn, acknowledge, free yourself, free your mind, free your soul. True love is free, so be free. Look for the palace within you, look for knowledge, look for comfort, look for ease, look for imagination, exploration, space, look for joy, for contribution, for unity, look for resemblance, for alike spirits, for positivity. Believe in the spirit within you, it all takes.   

A little prayer for Eid Al Adha 

Dream… For it is a given gift to our life… Without dreams how will we ever experience everything… Dream… For dreams are what brings our vision into reality… For how would we visualize them otherwise?… Dream… And be happy closing your eyes & reopening them… For what are dreams if they were not to expand and ask for more… Dream… This life is too dull without our dreams… And without them we wouldn’t have accomplished as far as we already have…. So Dream… And teach your kids to dream with hope… Teach them to dream and send their requests to God… Teach them that the impossible is never impossible with a mind that can create the impossible… So teach your kids to dream… And to believe that good dreams can come to reality if they seek them… That dreams are happy thoughts and happy thoughts are happy feelings & happy feeling lead to manifesting happy things from happening… ❤️ to a Happy Eid, Eid Mubarak, Eid Al Adha, may it bring our good dreams into reality, may it bring peace to earth, may it bring true love into our hearts & may it unite us as a one humanity.  


How to be generous to yourself today

Today, I don’t want to ask, I only want to listen. Today, I don’t want to question, I only want to be available to see answers. Today, I don’t want to be too busy, I want to be very present. Today, I don’t want to expect, I want to give without wanting anything in return. Today, I don’t want to sit still, I want to move where ever my soul is yearning. Today, I don’t want to react, but I want to act in the most positive way I find possible. Today, I want to feel life, count my blessings, I want to give, learn more about love & love unconditionally, I want to learn & teach, I want to walk with grace, I want to live my dreams, feel grateful & be generous, I want to be generous back to this life that gives & never asks for return, so I want to learn from it’s generosity as I learn to give. Whatever it is… bring it on 

I want my own fairytale 

I am not like you, and I don’t want to be… We are not like them, and I don’t want us to be… They never ask, and I don’t want them to… I don’t care about right and wrong because there is no right or wrong, there is my story and there is our story and I want them different.. I want it to be my story, different and personal. I don’t think or want to think there can be better, because I have the best thing I can ever wish for right now, here in my life. I am blessed on a blessed friday, I am grateful to have myself, and to have you as light as you are in my life. So let it all be part of life’s ongoing miracle.

“Your job is to live your life in a way that makes sense to you, not to “them”. Rumi 


Do not just do nothing & complain at the very same time. 

What happens when you save the earth make memory of the past & work your way for your future? 

“You sit here for days saying, This is strange business. You’re the strange business. You have the energy of the sun in you, but you keep knotting it up at the base of your spine. You’re some weird kind of gold that wants to stay melted in the furnace, so you won’t have to become coins.” Rumi 


See the gifts that are placed in life for you. 

Today there are gifts everywhere. They were all set up for you. Around. Some are near by, some are far. But they are all there and will appear as you live your day. So look forward. And look closer. Live today fully, and be open to receive all gifts. Be grateful at every find. Cherish each one. Feel special. Feel blessed. Today, don’t miss on opening each gift. You will know it is a gift for you from your instincts. Just listen to your heart & follow. 🎁 and enjoy being gifted yourself, and be aware that you are a gift to those you stumble upon, so be kind, be memorable & leave positive foot prints.  


If I had a plan…. 

I believe that God has a plan. A plan that is much better than your plan, my plan and their plan. He has a plan for every plan we make. He has the master plan. If i was you, i would not worry. I would focus on my goal and take honest steps with a heart that knows God is watching over me, protecting me & guiding me. I would listen to only my heart, my gut, my instincts. I would not worry to take the wrong decision, step or choice. Because i believe & i know that God has the bigger plan. And that with my pure heart, clear vision, and honest steps i take, God will always be there watching me, helping me. And eventually, with my patience, my persistence & good will, God will help put the right pieces in the right place for me. 💙  


Listen to the music of life… 

Sometimes life gives us no option but to search for a new option, or stop searching at all… Or maybe just look deep inside again, into our lives today. We find pleasure in chasing something so hard, not knowing if it is truly what is good for us at all. What we think, changes. And what we feel, can be misunderstood. Life has the answers for us at the right time, and when life gives you no option, then there is a reason behind it. So stop trying to force things to happen & instead just listen to the music of life. Learn to be patient, & enjoy the music of life.

 Photographed in Yafa  

A message of Love; from what have inspired me the past week.

I was inspired to read a couple of beautiful statuses from Friends and Pages of people I follow on facebook. Words of love from people welcoming the Holly month of Ramadan, words of Love to remind us that Ramadan is not only about fasting from food, but also fasting from the self. It is about Forgiveness and about Love. It is about asking those you have been mistaken with in your life to forgive you, and being Thankful and grateful to those and for those who have been the light of love in your life.

So I am taking this chance, to thank my friends and thank the people who are worth following and reading their posts. Thank you for inspiring me to write this post, for reminding me to feel the need to ask for forgiveness and to send my gratitude, and for being contagious in wanting to share this post on my blog and my facebook wall.

To those, I have been mistaken with, or I have hurt, even if for very little, I am sorry. I might have done it on purpose and I might have no idea that I did hurt you at all. Either way I hope you can forgive me. Forgive me, if I have been wrong, or if I have caused any ache in your heart or life.

To those who have shown me the smallest sparks of love and to those who shower me with love, Thank you. I will InshAlla include you in my every day prayer during the month of Ramadan, and I will send my gratitude to God for bringing you to my life. I am grateful for the love you have given me. I am grateful to meet you, to know you and to receive love from you. I pray that I am also a ray of love in your life.

This is a message of love before the first day of the Holly month of Ramadan. It is a message I wish to share to express that this upcoming month, is a beautiful month, because it is an opportunity for all of us to reflect, to learn and to remember, that no matter how many times we trip, we get a new chance to try again. This is my chance to want to start a new page, a white page, where all I draw in the lives of those I stumble upon, hearts of love.

With love, have a wonderful month of Ramadan, wherever you are.

Al Zeeb, الزيب‎