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Photograph taken at a village in Zanzibar, Tanzania.


On being Awakened – Words to Live by

If you want to believe that what your physical eyes can see is all that’s there, then fine, you can. Stay in that small fraction of perceptual reality if you choose. But at some point, even if that point is at the point of death, we all know better. I’ve seen cynics become mystics on their deathbeds. We are here as though in a material dream, from which the spiritual nature of our larger reality is calling us to awaken. The magician, the alchemist, the miracle-worker, is simply someone who has woken up to the material delusions of the world and decided to live another way. In a world gone mad, we can choose to be sane. In order to move ourselves, and our civilization, into the next phase of our evolutionary journey, it’s time for all of us to awaken. – Marianne Williamson from the book “A year of Miracles”

You who live by the life of this world, shame on you. Why do you live like this? If you don’t want to be dead, never be without love. Die in love if you want to be truly alive. – Shams-e Tabrizi

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From my Readings |Let your Heart be your Reflection| 01.12.2015

I have read this verse from the Quran not so long ago, and it really struck me, and it stayed with me.

How beautiful it is written,

how beautiful it means.

From my understanding, the verse stuck with me in the sense of allowing myself to be a color reflection from the colors of the Divine. And what are the colors of the Divine, I then asked myself? How many colors can I wear to be a mirror of the Divine?

But as I continued living, I would remember this verse at different encountering, and I would see different colors to put on, to reflect the act that comes from and within the Divine in us.

‎صِبْغَةَ اللَّهِ ۖ وَمَنْ أَحْسَنُ مِنَ اللَّهِ صِبْغَةً ۖ وَنَحْنُ لَهُ عَابِدُونَ [Al-Baqara : 138] (We take our) color from Divine (Allah), and who is better than Allah at coloring. We surrender to Him

We all face difficulties in our lives, and staying true to yourself is the best possible way to deal with everything you come across. Being true to yourself, is being true to your heart, and this is where the Divine in all of us reside. So be a reflection of God, surrender to your inner love, become you, the love that is within you.

The spirit within leads to joy, as it inspired me to see the love in everyone & the possibility of miracles that lie inherent in all things. The universe itself is the handwriting of God, as He constantly creates & re-creates the perfection that he is. Within that perfection I have my true being, and within my true being I am happy & at peace. [from the book: A Year of Miracles]

Become a Dervish, become free of everything and anything, surrender only to the color of Love, to the Divine, to the Divine in you, the reflection of everything else.

What does “Dervish” mean?

He is the heart of the world, because by means of his heart, the body attains to its true art.

If the heart is not there, how can the body speak? If the heart doesn’t seek, how can the body seek & search? The dervish that glows with the fire is the theater of the holy rays; and so the heart, not the body; is the theater of God.

All lesser hearts are like a body to the heart of the human being whose heart is complete, aligned with its original source. [from the book: the Rumi daybook]

Rumi, Serhat Atlığ

Photo by; Serhat Atlığ

Don’t forget that when you give up something for something better & it comes around again, don’t forget why you left it in the first place. 

Yesterday i was very lucky to stumble upon a beautiful life lesson. I was reminded and i was faith strengthened.

When we give up things in our lives, we give them up for reasons. Sometimes they come around again, but when they do, you must remember very well that you once gave them up, and you must remember the reason that made you give them up. And when they are around, welcome them, but don’t be greedy, don’t misjudge, don’t come up with conclusions, don’t take it for granted once again…

Keep reminding yourself that you once gave it up. But if it is bound to be there, it will and let it be if it comes with peace. And if it doesn’t come with peace, it might be only a reassuring test for you, so resist, don’t fight it, don’t fight it to enter or leave, don’t let your self-interest rise above yourself again, when your self-interest was once the reason to let it go.

It makes a big difference when things are granted with no self-interest, but a pure interest, a collective interest, a true interest. Good intentions. We sometimes loose it. But life always manages to remind us of good intentions. You decide to be a better person & so you let go of what is no longer serving you. But once it is around again, do not forget that self-interest that will shadow over your eyes. Keep your self-interest under control.

Remind yourself to be in complete harmony with yourself, with your spirituality, with your connection to earth.

Free yourself 

“Ignorance is God’s prison. Knowing is God’s palace.” Rumi – it is always right to unlock the prison within ourself & start by asking life for help. Ask life to help you clear out the way for you, to show you what is good for you & what is confusing you, ask life to show you the way out of closed doors & into open doors, ask God to help you find your answers & not stay stuck around question marks, ask God to help you learn, acknowledge, free yourself, free your mind, free your soul. True love is free, so be free. Look for the palace within you, look for knowledge, look for comfort, look for ease, look for imagination, exploration, space, look for joy, for contribution, for unity, look for resemblance, for alike spirits, for positivity. Believe in the spirit within you, it all takes.   

A little prayer for Eid Al Adha 

Dream… For it is a given gift to our life… Without dreams how will we ever experience everything… Dream… For dreams are what brings our vision into reality… For how would we visualize them otherwise?… Dream… And be happy closing your eyes & reopening them… For what are dreams if they were not to expand and ask for more… Dream… This life is too dull without our dreams… And without them we wouldn’t have accomplished as far as we already have…. So Dream… And teach your kids to dream with hope… Teach them to dream and send their requests to God… Teach them that the impossible is never impossible with a mind that can create the impossible… So teach your kids to dream… And to believe that good dreams can come to reality if they seek them… That dreams are happy thoughts and happy thoughts are happy feelings & happy feeling lead to manifesting happy things from happening… ❤️ to a Happy Eid, Eid Mubarak, Eid Al Adha, may it bring our good dreams into reality, may it bring peace to earth, may it bring true love into our hearts & may it unite us as a one humanity.  


How to be generous to yourself today

Today, I don’t want to ask, I only want to listen. Today, I don’t want to question, I only want to be available to see answers. Today, I don’t want to be too busy, I want to be very present. Today, I don’t want to expect, I want to give without wanting anything in return. Today, I don’t want to sit still, I want to move where ever my soul is yearning. Today, I don’t want to react, but I want to act in the most positive way I find possible. Today, I want to feel life, count my blessings, I want to give, learn more about love & love unconditionally, I want to learn & teach, I want to walk with grace, I want to live my dreams, feel grateful & be generous, I want to be generous back to this life that gives & never asks for return, so I want to learn from it’s generosity as I learn to give. Whatever it is… bring it on