Art Found in Kuwait 

Delicious Packaging; find those exquisette homemade doughnuts at InspiredEdibles (Coffee with Cocoa Nibs & Pretzels, Vanilla Custard with Freeze dried Strawberry powder, Cereal & Rasberries) Photograph by Nour AlMejadi – Find them both on Instagram 

Finally, I share with you one of the most delicious Palestinian & Jordanian dish there is… How to make Maqlouba | طريقة طبخ المقلوبه الفلسطينية و الاردنية مع الباذنجان

Maqlouba | مقلوبة.

This is one of the most original dishes. It can be typical and it can be the most exquisite dish on your table.

Maqlouba or Makloubeh in Arabic means literally Upside Down. And this dish is made in steps inside your cooking pan and then it is served upside down.

For eggplant lovers, this will be one of your favorite recipes. This can be a vegetarian dish if you remove the meat. And since most Arabian dishes are made all throughout the Middle-East, it is very normal to have several accents for the dish, and different ingredients.

Now Maqloubeh is a dish famous to have been originated from Palestinian families, and some people refer to it as Maqlouba, and some as Maqloubeh. At home, we call it Maqloubeh. And we make it with eggplants, lamb meat, tomatoes and red pepper. Of course the rice is essential in this dish. But in other houses, families, and locations, Maqloubeh is sometimes made with chicken instead of the lamb, and some make it with cauliflower instead of the eggplant. And to some they mix the two, and to others, they add potatoes. And yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear other different ingredients.

Last but not least, Palestinians love garnishing all their main dishes with roasted pine nuts and almonds. Maqlouba is always served with yogurt and salad on the side. You will love it. I promise.


Makes enough for 6 people – 1hr 1/2 total time required

مطبخ سوزي

طريقة عمل المقلوبة الفلسطنية بلحم و البيتنجان

وقت الطهي: ساعة و نصف – عدد: ٦ شخص

For the full Recipe Click Here

For a delicious refreshing Ramadan Desert, try this Blackberry Cake Recipe |حلويات رمضانية خفيفة وسهلة: جربوا وصفة كيكة التوت الاسود

Blackberry Cake | كيكة توت اسود.

Today is blackberry day. I just woke up craving blackberries. Why aren’t blackberry cakes so popular around?

If you ever crave a fruit cake that is just easy to make and delicious then I recommend this Blackberry Cake Recipe. It truly is soft, light and perfect.

As usual, baking is a passion that I enjoy exploring and trying. And so whenever I crave something, I look up for Recipes and I meet new food bloggers who share delicious recipes. And so for this great recipe, I was lucky to find a recipe that was easy and tasted great.

As for my photography, it is another hobby that I enjoy doing. It is away to explore myself along with design and styling. It gives me a sort of meditative reward. Where after baking, I just completely zen into food art and photography.

This cake would go perfect after a yummie Middle Eastern Spinach Pastry.

Here is the Recipe of Blackberry Cake topped with almonds and sugar crust by Zuker Zimt und Liebe.


1 stick of butter

1 cup of sugar

2 eggs

Pinch of salt

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 cup of all purpose flour

10-15 fresh blackberries

A hand full of sliced almonds


١ قالب زبدة كامل

١ كوب سكر

٢ بيض

رشة ملح

١ معلقة صغيرة من الڤانيلا السائلة

١ كوب طحين

١٠-١٥ توت أسود بري طازج

كمشة إيد من لوز مقطع

Full the full Recipe… click Here

للوصفة الكاملة إضغط هنا  

Middle Eastern Stuffed Chicken | دجاج محشي

Stuffed Chicken | دجاج محشي.

Featured on 

One of my favorite dishes of all time. I just love my Mothers own recipe of Stuffed Chicken. To just give you some peak before we get into the details of the ingredients, this recipe is made of a whole chicken stuffed with rice, liver, roasted pine nuts, almonds and spices.

It is mouth-watering, and the smell of the chicken being barbecued is just my favorite part. I thought it was hard to prepare this delicious dish, but to my surprise, it is very easy and fun. I also like to have this dish prepared when we have people coming over, or when all my family are gathered around the table. It is the type of dish to enjoy along with loved ones.

The trick here is to make sure your chicken is juicy, filled with the right spices and the right amount. We usually have a side dish next to the chicken, it can be made of tomatoes, gravy, salad, yogurt, or as the one shared below, potatoes.

You can never have the same Stuffed Chicken Recipe. Where ever you go, online or offline, a stuffed chicken is the chefs signature in the kitchen. One little addition or subtraction will make a difference. So here is one of the most delicious stuffed chicken recipes you will ever encounter.


Makes enough for 4 people – Preparation time 2 hours

Click here for the full recipe. 


How to make Middle-Easteen Meat Balls, Kofta in Tomato sauce | طريقة عمل كفتة بالبندور

Kofta in Tomato | Kafta | كفتة بالبندورة.

Middle-Eastern Meat balls or what is known to the Arabs as the Tomato Kofta also known as Kafta Kebab with tomato sauce  كفتة بالبندورة, كفتة بلطماطم

Kebab is a very popular Middle Eastern dish, but did you ever hear of Kufta? Kufta stands for Meat balls in Arabic. A very general dish. It is served almost everywhere around the world only with the different types of flavoring depending on the food culture of the country. Beef with curry sauce, Beef with coconut sauce or Orange sauce, Meat Balls, Beef stew, Kebab, Souvlaki….

In the Middle East, Meat balls are popular, but we know them as Kufta or in other Arabian accents Kefta, Kafta, or Kofta. They are made very similar to how the Kebab are made, only cooked a little different and garnished with different flavors. You can have a Middle Eastern Kufta with tomato sauce, tahini sauce, or pomegranate molasses.

Today, I will be sharing with you the very original common “Kefta bil bandoura” which stands for Kofta in Tomato sauce. Some people like to add potatoes and red pepper, some people like to add eggplants and onions. But today, my talented mother and favorite chef in the world decided to only concentrate it with fresh tomatoes.

Enjoy the recipe, and have pita bread handy for this dish can be eaten by fork or with bread.


Makes enough for 6 people – 1hr 1/2 total time required

Read more for the full recipe… 

In both Arabic & English a Bakers Royale Recipe of Orange Chocolate Cake | طريقة عمل كيكة الشوكولاته والبرتقال

Orange Chocolate Cake | كيكة برتقال وشوكولاتة.

Ramadan is incomplete without dessert right after your main dish. I am writing this blog post during the Holly month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast for a whole month. The beautiful thing is that we only fast from sunrise to sunset and then we can just indulge and enjoy what we prepare. Fasting is a way to examine self restrains and constrains. A beautiful spiritual month, where family and friends unite, everyday, for Iftar after they break their fast.

Today, I decided to share with you one of my favorite recipes besides the Fererro Rocher Cake. For both chocolate and fruit lovers. The taste combination of Oranges and Chocolate is just enriching. I personally can never get enough of it.

I found this Recipe on the Bakers Royale food blog, and it was the first time for me to try any of the recipes. This one turned out to be great, delicious, soft and tasteful and worth sharing. I changed minor things to the original recipe, and translated it into Arabic.

Click here or on the photo for the full recipe, and make your loved ones remember you forever. 

Have a wonderful Iftar or dinner everyone.

What is your dish for today? Here is how to make the most delicious Musakhan Rolls | طريقة تحضير رولات المسخن

Musakhan Rolls | مسخن رولات.

اضغط على الصورة للطريقة الكاملة بلعربي و الانخليزي

Today, is the first day of Ramadan 2015. And to a lot of the people who practice Ramadan, the dish of the day is a very important topic to discuss.

Ramadan is considered to be a Holly Month for all Muslims around the world. And we practice Ramadan according to the Islamic calendar that is connected with the moon, and therefore it’s date changes every year. This year it started today, in the middle of the 

beautiful summer. So I am sitting here, outside our balcony, writing my first blog post for the people who have no idea what to prepare for Iftar today, tomorrow or next week. I also am writing this recipe for everyone who wish to try an exquisite delicious Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Msakhan Rolls, is a mini version of the main dish Msakhan. Mskhan is a very well known Middle-Eastern dish, and is known to be originated from Palestine. It is the authentic traditional Palestinian dish. Today you can make a mini version of Mskhan and this is what we call the Mskhan rolls.

My mother has been very known for making the best Mskhan in town. And when she prepares the traditional main dish, our house becomes a festival, with people invited, kids playing around, the smell of Mskhan all day long, and a great reunion of close family or friends over the dinning table. Today I wish to share with you her recipe for the Mskhan rolls, and hopefully I will soon upload the Mskhan dish recipe. Enjoy this wonderful recipe, made easy, and mouth watering by my beautiful mother.

Click on the picture for the full recipe. Leave me your comments, and have a wonderful first day of Ramadan.


A full step by step recipe for the Ferrero Rocher Cake… Make them all fall in love with you.

Ferrero Rocher Cake.

It was snowing here in Amman, Jordan. And for those of you who don’t know much about Jordan, it snows a couple of days a year, and when it snows, it becomes a public holiday. So the day I decided to try the Ferrero Rocher recipe from the boxofspice blog, it was snowing, we were stuck at home for 3 days, with options of watching TV, playing with the snow, risking an adventurous drive around town or try and bake the sexiest cake ever.

Ferrero Rocher is sexy, and therefore a Ferrero Rocher Cake is just a phenomenal idea. Who would say no for a piece of that? The trick here is that the ingredients are not very cheap, and the process is not very simple. But I must admit, that if you enjoy baking, then the process of baking this cake is so much fun. It is a beautiful 3 step process, and it really feels like an equation, either a successful one or a miss. Thankfully and thanks to the recipe provided by boxofspice, the steps were very simple to follow and the result was just fantabulous.Step by step recipe to a ferrero rocher chocolate cake

As usual, minor changes have been made while I was baking this cake due to what was available. I recommend you bake it when you have the time, put some good music on, and just indulge in the baking process. Original recipe is on boxofspice,


For the Cake

3/4 cup of fresh hazelnuts

1 cup of brown sugar and 2 tablespoons separate

1 cup of flour

3 tablespoon of cacao

2 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon of salt

3 eggs

1/2 cup of skimmed milk

1/3 + 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1/2 cup of brewed coffee (make sure this is done in advance to use when cool)

2 teaspoons of vanilla

Full recipe Ferrero Rocher CakeFor the full recipe, click here. 


For all the Chocolate lovers, this is your favorite Birthday home baked Dark Chocolate Pie…

Dark Chocolate Pie.

I probably never mentioned this in my blog posts before, but I am a chocolate lover, a chocolate addict, I think it is my weakest point. Get me upset, then get me chocolates and I will fall in love with you all over again. Yes, I am a big fan of Chocolates, and this here is a recipe for those who enjoy indulging in chocolate.

I first came across this recipe while I was browsing one of my favorite food bloggers,HummingBird High Blog. I am not sure what made me click on the recipe for it was called “Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae Pie” and I am not a big fan of sundaes nor brownies. But as soon as I saw the photographs I couldn’t resist not baking. I did change it a little and I did decide not to name it the same but instead, to name it ” Dark Chocolate Pie”.I did make this recipe few times before posting it and so I did find my own alterations, but the recipe is from the HummingBird blog and it is genius. I did create the pie in a heart once for my Mothers birthday and I did call it the “Magic Chocolate Pie”, and told all our invites to make a wish as they had their bites. I believe that when you are in a moment of bliss, a moment of ultimate happiness, or ultimate sadness, your wishes can be made from your deepest heart, and they can truly become true.

Here is a recipe for a delighted heart and an unforgettable taste of chocolate.

The best chocolate pie recipe

Dark Chocolate Pie Recipe 


1 1/2 cups of Graham Cracker Crumbs

1/4 Milk Powder

1 teaspoon Salt

1/2 stick Butter

1/4 cup Heavy Cream


…Click here for the full recipe. 

The most delicious chocolate pie recipe

A simple and delicious recipe for mini crunchy Cinnamon Rolls…

For the full article and recipe click here.

I have always enjoyed looking at photographs of food. I probably look at photos every day, it is a source of inspiration, I find, and then I get tempted to have some of what I am looking at, and next thing I find myself shopping the ingredients and baking.

One day, while I was browsing food photos online, I came across these yummy looking Cinnamon Rolls. I have never baked Cinnamon Rolls before in my life, nor have my mother ever baked us any. I even rarely order any. They are not my usual choice unless I was invited for some. But this photograph was irresistible.

From the Gold Mine Journal

From the Gold Mine Journal

This photograph belongs to the Gold Mine Journal Blog with the original recipe here. I got to browse their beautiful blog to find many common grounds. I started my blog to gather my scattered findings of what I find beautiful in life and share them online to a world that is so wide and diverse. As a Middle-Eastern living in the heart of the Middle-East, I have the passion to connect all over the world and exchange everything beautiful. The Gold Mine Journal also started what they call an online journal to document projects of the things they love.

How to make delicious easy Cinnamon RollsThe Recipe from the Gold Mine Journal with amendments… Resulted in

Mini Crispy Cinnamon Rolls 

1 cup of Skimmed Milk

1/2 cup of Butter (More than 1/2 a stick)

2 1/4 teaspoon Yeast

1 tablespoon Sugar

1/4 teaspoon Salt

3 cups of Flour

For the Stuffing  

4 tablespoon of Butter

3 teaspoon of Cinnamon

1/4 cup of Sugar

For the Dressing Glaze

2 cups of Powdered Sugar

1/2 cup of Cream

Easy steps for delicious Cinnamon Rolls For the full recipe click here.