Product Fashion

A picture of a glass being filled with green water liquid

This photograph is taken by me during the Product Fashion workshop and was selected by Fakhri Al Alami for the exhibition.

Fakhri is a professional photographer who has a wide experience in the field. From fashion, to commercial, to landscapes all fields are treated with an equal amount of professionalism.

What I learned from Fakhri Al Alami’s workshop:

1- If you wish to have a white background, just use a white cardboard.

2- Product is one simple shot focused on the product.

3- Macro lens is very useful for close up photography, and highly needed for product shooting.

4- Use colored filters on your light to add color to your photos.

5- Light modifiers, soft box, umbrella is what goes between the light and subject.

6- For small items use the Macro lens, for big items use 50ml lens.

7- Depth of field: is the area infront & back of the area in focus.

8- Go for Fstop 8 or less (less stands for a bigger number F12 or F 24)

9- Light meter: is used to calculate the amount of light.

10- Shadow is sometimes as important as light and sometimes it is even more important.

11- Shadows can give you a 3D effect.

12- ISO: adjust to 200 is you have good light. If not, go up to 1000 – 1200.

** Please note that those notes are what I gathered during the workshop, some might be slightly mistaken or misunderstood, but more or less trying to use the advice above might result in better photography. 🙂 Enjoy

Here are more from what I captured during my workshop with Fakhri Al Alami.


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