Food Styling


This photograph is taken by me during the Food Styling workshop and was selected by Bashar Alaeddin for the exhibition.

Bashar Alaeddin is an experienced and award-winning digital photographer. His specialities are
in commercial advertising, specifically in the fields of food and cuisine. His other
fields of interests are in landscape and fine-art travel photography.

What I learned from Bashar Alaeddin’s workshop:

1- Raw Pictures are preferable over JEPG while photographing.

2- It is highly recommended to use Macro lens for food photography.

3- Usually a TRIPOD is very useful for food photography as well, since most photos are taken at high shutter speed.

4- Natural light is your best friend in food photography.

5- First thing, you must know what you want to photograph.

6- Second thing, you must know what you need to use around it (from decoration etc…)

7- Third, what your background will be.

8- Fourth; Make sure you have everything ready prior to your photo-shoot.

9- In food photography you sometimes need to cheat and use toothpicks, blue-tag, glue etc… to make food display look at its best.

10- You do not want your photograph to be too perfect nor too messy.

** Please note that those notes are what I gathered during the workshop, some might be slightly mistaken or misunderstood, but more or less trying to use the advice above might result in better photography. 🙂 Enjoy

Here are more from what I captured during my workshop with Bashar Alaeddin.



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