Dance in Motion

A balet dancer in a ghetto area under yellow light webdeh amman jordan A balet dancer in a ghetto area under yellow light webdeh amman jordan

Those photographs are taken by me during the Dance in Motion workshop and was selected by Ali Saadi for the exhibition.

Ali is a professional still photographer and cinematographer based in Amman , Jordan. Ali’s styles vary from Street Photography , Unconventional Wedding Photography, to Music and Dance Photography.

What I learned from Ali Saadi’s workshop:

1-You can choose your settings on TV when you are capturing motion photographs.

2- Shutter speed is our best friend when photographing movement.

3- Formula 1 would use 1/8000 or 1/4000 to capture a photograph of the car.

4- ISO = Sensitivity to light

5- The more you higher the ISO the more grain/noise you will get on your photograph.

6- If you are taking photographs in the dark, you will need to higher your ISO.

7- The higher the F stop the more light you get in, the lower the shutter speed, the more light you get in.

8- You can make a reflector at home by using tracing paper + cardboard.

9- Add back light to separate the body from the background.

** Please note that those notes are what I gathered during the workshop, some might be slightly mistaken or misunderstood, but more or less trying to use the advice above might result in better photography. 🙂 Enjoy

Here are more from what I captured during my workshop with Ali Saadi.

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