Founder; Modelicious

So what is the STORY behind Modelicious Management?

Hi, my name is Razan Masri and I am the founder of Modelicious Management. This post will introduce you a little bit on who I am and how I managed to create and start Modelicious Management. First;  I believe that if you want, then you will, and if you will, then you will have it. “This is a quote from the animated film Happy Feet”

I grew up between Amman and Montreal, and after 9 years of living, learning and developing myself in Montreal, I decided to move back to Amman and contribute to making a positive change. Why not contribute in Montreal? Well, I saw existing opportunities in the Middle East, and I wanted to to live my dreams and my dreams were the following:

The Runway


the Fashion industry….

afw_001396 copy

and to create a positive impact.


It all started back in 2006

When I decided to start my career as a fashion designer, but realized that the fashion market in Amman was nearly nonexistent. This is when the idea of Modelicious was born.



On February 5th 2007 Modelicious Management was born to be the first officially registered modeling agency, fashion production house and show coordinator in Amman, Jordan.

Modelicious Logo

Celebrating the existence of the first modeling agency in Jordan, I organized its very first fashion event. The launch of Modelicious Management – April 30th 2007

Modelicious Launch Event

Modelicious launched as a Modeling Agency and a staffing agency including casts, promoters, hostesses, ushers, MC’s, presenters and extras (kids and adults).

Modelicious LaunchModelicious Launch Modelicious Launch

Modelicious Launch

Modelicious’ launch event was held at The Four Seasons Hotel, sponsored by Mango, Audi “Nuqul Automotive”, Orange Telecommunication, Francesco Smalto, Liquid Celebrations, Pace e Luce, Robina Studio and Play FM.

After the launch event, Modelicious hosted an after party at “Nai” one of the hottest spots in town at that time.

Fashion TV Arabia were also welcomed for the very first time in Jordan to cover the launch and after-party

A concept photo-shoot was also created for Modelicious’ Launch Event to be displayed around the venue to help promote the services available: from concept photo shooting, photo shoot production services, fashion show coordinating and producing, costume designing, concept promotional campaigns, promotional campaign staffing and producing.

photoshoot, modelicious, modeling, redshirt, redtop, model, jemma, betty, betsey, fashion, naiiphotoshoot, modelicious, modeling, redshirt, redtop, model, jemma, betty, betsey, fashion, nai, najat, pinkheels, heels, whitedress, chandeliermale model, amman, omar, hourani, suit, nai, hip, zaidollhouse, doll, nai, pink cushions, wisam, model, fashion, ammanaudi, shaban, nava, models, amman, dress, costume design, fashion jordanzeena, models, female. nai, photoshotot, fashion, purple, butterfly

It was summer of 2007… and after the success of the launch event and after party, Modelicious attracted many reputable clients and formed many fans in Jordan that were  interested to participate and become members at Modelicious.

As a marketing tool, I decided that since there weren’t many events going on in Amman, promoting Modelicious though hosting parties will definitely attract more awareness and brand recognition.

In collaboration with one of the most recognized DJ’s in Jordan, Deejay Flava; a summer party was formed:


Sponsored by: Peanut colada, Sugar Daddy’s, G + Ginseng, Play FM and Pulp Magazine

whippedcream, whipped, cream, summer, 2007, sugardaddies, modeling, marketingtook, event, party

and another party …

afterparty, halloween, flash, nai, night, pumpkin, event, amman, jordan, modelicious

In collaboration with Deejay Flava, Modelicious presented:

Halloween Flash Nai-T

A halloween costume party sponsored by: Nai, Sugar Dady’s, Prime Megastore, Play FM, FujiFilm and Sandisk.

halloween, costume, bathrove, alien, amman, modelicious, flash, bathrube, bathcurtain, arabhalloween, costume, alien, modelicious, bath, bathrub, bathrobe, pink, fun, partyhalloween, costume, alien, modelicious, bath, bathrub, bathrobe, pink, fun, partyhalloween, costume, alien, modelicious, bath, bathrub, bathrobe, pink, fun, partyhalloween, costume, alien, modelicious, bath, bathrub, bathrobe, pink, fun, party

By the end of 2007 – I was able to have a portfolio to create a strong profile for Modelicious   in a branded CD to distribute to all our current clients and potential clients to learn more about Modelicious Management and its existing services.

profile, CD, brand, modelicious, modeling, amman

Some of the clients we gained and worked with in thefirst year: Nescafe (Nestle), Mango, Nuqol Automotive (Audi), Luxury Fashion Group, Al Faridah Group Publications (Layalina, VIVA Magazine), Front Row Publications (Living Well, Anti Magazine, Pulp), Skin Magazine, Leo Burnett, Abdali Boulevard Project, Tala Bay Aqaba, Objects Advertising, Movenpick Resort & Spa (Dead Sea, Petra, Jerash) National Music Conservatory (NMC), Promo-seven advertising agency, Idea JWT, Jordan Telecom Group, Orange Telecommunication, Imseeh Jewelry, UMG Salfiti Group, Lebanese, TBWA, Umniah Telecommunication, Team Young & Rubicam, Jordan Pioneers Production House, Grey Scale production house, Publicis Graphics, Events Unlimited, Action PR, Polaris Public Relations, Asdaa PR.



2008 was a very busy year for me and Modelicious Management

The demand was high and I was still working on the development of Modelicious; presenting to clients and forming a great database of members.

I concentrated on branding, image building and sustaining a successful reputation.

model, photography, sara, graphic, advertisement, modelsearch, modeling, modelingagency, lime
This is an advertisement used in several magazine during the year of 2008

modelicious ad

Modelicious launched its website and was nominated

Winner of 2007 Business and Management Golden web award — — Winner of 2007 Best Website of the year Diamond web award —

(The website is currently out of service due to an upcoming renovated website)

By the end of 2008, I decided to photo shoot and create a Happy Holidays Greeting Card to send to all our existing and new clients and members.

Happy holidays, merry christmas, happy new year, balloon, red, black, fun, potoshoot, modeling

The clients we gained and worked with in the second year: Behind the Scenes Eventology, Pro 4 Event Management, Waves Event Management, Amman Greater municipality, Pop Arts, Momentum DDB, Toyota Jordan, Red Lipstick Local Fashion Designer, UNOPS, Ferragamo, Ministry of Political Development, LG Electronics, JOPEA, Liquid Celebrations, Tempo Dance School, City Mall, Amman Summer Festival, Longchamp Paris, Future Vision, Nissan Automotive, Arab Bank, Her Majesty Queen Rania’s Office, Wunderman, Sunny FM, Rotana Magazine, Jaafar Jewelry, Motorola, i Jordan, JO Bedu, Green Land, SAE, Sakkijha Jewelry.



We started the year of 2009 with tragedies happening around us in the Middle East.

I was planning a New Year’s Event with a few partners but then decided it is not the right time to celebrate but instead it is time for Modelicious to contribute into positive awareness and fundraising money for what was going on in Gaza at the time.

Gaza Charity EventGaza Charity Event2Gaza Charity Event 1

Modelicious Management held a fashion show at the agency and was able to fundraise money  for food and shelter, to help out the kids and people in Gaza during the attacks.

All donations went straight for the support of Gaza. This event was sponsored by: Al Ajyal Printing Press, Nestle Water, Elite Shoe Wear and Kipling Bags.

This event was also in collaboration with JoBedu and 962 Jordan.

Summer of 2009 was here and it was time for activities.

I closed a deal with The Sheraton Hotel  “One of the best five stars hotel in Amman” to put together a one of a kind Fashion Event by Modelicious for the opening of The Sanctuary lounge. A very well recognized summer venue in town.

Sanctuary Opening Modelicious

I was fully in charge of the organizing and planning of this event, and I used all the possible and available services at Modelicious Management.

From organization, planning, hosting and staffing, presenting, inviting, coordinating, set design, training, fittings, fashion show production, and outsourcing logistic matters from light, sound, staging and printing.

F (47)Sanctuary ModeliciousF (67)Modelicious

This event was organized on the 15th and 16th of May 2009

It was sponsored by: Velvet Bouqtiue, Snobar Boutique, Shahin & Shahin Events, alnool weaving ideas, Robina Studio, Alissar Florist, Galler Chocolatier.

By the time summer was over, and winter was knocking on our doors, Modelicious Management was running with 5 full time employees including myself.

People were still not over the success of Halloween Flash Nai-T from 2007, and employees and members decided to propose  a second Halloween Party to be put together,  so I agreed and a party was created.


Modelicious Management collaborated with Canvas and transformed what  looked like this:

WonderLand Modeliciou (2)WonderLand Modeliciou (2)

WonderLand ModeliciouWonderLand Modeliciou (2)

Halloween Wonderland Amman Modelicious Halloween Wonderland Amman Modelicious DSC07786 Halloween Wonderland Amman Modelicious Halloween Wonderland Amman Modelicious Halloween Wonderland Amman ModeliciousDSC07892Halloween Wonderland Amman Modelicious

Into looking like this:

halloween modelicious wonderland From Evita Peroni Fashion show



Wonderland was sponsored by: adidas originals, wi-tribe, Evita Peroni, Nikon, Beats Events, Florable, transjordan, fitness First, Bath & Spa, Spin Jordan, JoBedu, 962 Jordan, and Rula Abu Qaoud.

2009 was coming to an end…

I decided after 3 years of success. it is time for Modelicious Management to throw a Thank You event for its premier and continuous clientele

Frost Yourselves 

A fashion night out with Modelicious’ favorite clients to celebrate a year full of success and a Happy 2010

This event was put together on the 26th of December, 2009 in Collaboration with: Jaffar Jewelry Boutique, Nour Shurdom Dresses, The Living Room, gold & ash, and UMG.

Fashion Fringe Modelicious

Fashion Fringe Modelicious Fashion Fringe Modelicious Fashion Fringe Modelicious

Fashion Fringe Modelicious

Fashion Fringe Modelicious

Fashion Fringe Modelicious

The clients we gained and worked with in the third year: Jordan Festival, Mecca Mall, ADPRO, Fine Nuqol Group, BAT (British American Tobacco), Kellogg’s, ART, AVP Events, IHF, BCBG, Landmark group, Advise Grey, Virgin Radio, IFP, IHF, JTI, Ethan Allen, Fluid Productions, Play FM, Jordan River Foundation, Luminus Group, Hamleys Toy Shop, Total, Ray Jet, KiddyZee Occasions, Golfcom, Traccs, Samsung Electronics, Avanti Boutique Shop, NYIT, Velvet Boutique, Snobar Boutique, Lamia Abi Nader (Lebanese Designer), Aramex, Cairo Bank, Casper & Gambinis, and Saraya Aqaba.



Hello World Cup.

By 2010, Modelicious Management had developed a big database of clientele and members, therefore I agreed to collaborate with 2 Jordanians to put together a World Cup spirit into the hearts of one of the existing lounges in Amman under the hosting of Modelicious Management.

Sage – Amman

World Cup 2010 Modeliciou


World Cup 2010 Modeliciou World Cup 2010 Modeliciou World Cup 2010 Modeliciou

Modelicious World Cup 2010 at Sage was sponsored by: Kia Motor, Umniah Telecommunications, Royal Jordanian, Abu Shakra, UMen, Energy FM.

Promotional campaigns were organized by Modelicious including the organization and PR of the full event.

This year we celebrated Modelicious Management 4th year anniversary by putting together the following photo shoot concept that was distributed all year long:

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 1.48.01 PMmodelecious-lw-4



It was time to thank our members, for believing in Modelicious and for being so enthusiastic about our existence.

Modelicious threw an activity event for all its members to celebrate Modelicious’ 4 years of success.

Modelicious White T-Shirt Party

The pass ticket of members was their badge with their names on it. White T-shirts were also given out during the event for all the members to write on each other what they thought and liked about one another.

Modelicious also welcomed Local Musicians from Humam Ammari who is one of Jordan’s best rock stars and also Samer The Saxophonist.

Hello my name is …

White T shirt Party Modelicious

White T shirt Party Modelicious White T shirt Party Modelicious

white tshirt

By then and thanks to every member that believed in me and Modelicious, every client that supported us, and every employee that contributed to our success, I was recognized as an entrepreneur and Modelicious Management was recognized as one of the successful local companies in Amman. Thus and until today, I look forward to helping any local, regional or even international start-up with a unique idea and a great vision that supports positive change.

Therefore, I decided to help organize launch event in Amman.

This event was held on July 10th, 2011 at Nabad Art Gallery.

Sponsored by: Salfiti Group & Salbashian Group.

Ananasa Launch amman modelicious

311045_271951156169861_1744651246_n 313477_271950969503213_806425275_n

ananasa launch amman modelicious

ananasa 2 ananasa 3



Flash Back…

What are your goals for the next 5 years?

Where do you see yourself and Modelicious in the next 5 years?

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

Will Modelicious survive for the next 5 years?

The 5 Year Plan Trauma !!!

Well let me tell you something, even after achieving your 5 year plan, nothing will be over; you will still want more.

… but I did want to celebrate, I wanted fireworks for celebration, and celebration for me was the real show…

MBFW Amman

It was time for Amman Fashion Week, it was time for:

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Amman

The idea has been on my mind since I started Modelicious back in 2007, but I knew it was still too early. I then tried to put fashion week together in 2008 and again in 2010 but I now believe everything happens in the right time and at the right place for the right reasons.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was a dream come true to me, I believed in it strongly, I believed in its benefits, its capabilities in making Jordanian and regional designers gain international recognition, I believed that it can attract the world to Amman and the Middle-East.

The first season took place on April 25th – April 28th 2012

This event was for 4 days with 3 shows a day including: International Designer: Martin Grant Regional Designers: Jamal Taslaq and Jad Ghandour, Local Designers: Basma Omar, Lina Lama Burgan, Dina Maqdah, ElZay Menswear local brand, Hama Hinnawi, Hana Sadiq, Nut & Ptah, Raya Bisharat, Shatha Dabbas and Zainab Kisswani. Exhibitors: Rose n’ Rose, Elham & Issa Jewelry, Farah Asmar, Project AR, and J walking in style.

afw_000075 afw_003219 afw_002370 afw_001426 afw_000542 afw_008509afw_000566 afw_011000

This season was sponsored by: Mercedes-Benz, DHL, Atico Fakhreldin Group, Home Center, AlQaser Metropole Hotel, GSC Garment design trainings and services, Orange, Roya TV, Spin FM, Royal Jordanian, Makeup Forever, Yunset Professional, VIVA, UMagaine.

The second season took place on November 7th – 10th 2012

This Seasons participating designers and exhibitors were the following: International Designer: Raffaella Coriel, Regional Designers: Jamal Taslaq, Hani El Buhairy, Nadia Hazboun and Kamil Shaheen. Local Designers: Rafeef Rusheidat, Amar Hamati, Adbullah El Saleh, Raya Bisharat, SDRRW, Abeer Ghanem, Bijou Couture, Dina Maqdah, Basma Omar, Alma Panturu, and Rana Dabour. Exhibitors: Shamekh El Bluwi, Elham & Issa, Luma Qusus Awad, Marlene Al Atrash Al Abdallah, and Samar Shahrour.

Raya Bisharat - Zaid Saadallah (7) Alma Panturu - Fakhri (58) General - Fakhri (15) General - Ziyad Kharouf (6) General - Ziyad Kharouf (8)General - Fakhri (5) General Day 1 Fakhri (3) GSC - Abdallah - Fakhri (11) General Day 1 Fakhri (32)

This season was sponsored by: Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Orange, Kempinski Hotel Amman, Home Center, Atico Fakhreldin, Yunsey Professional, Malu Wilz, HD FM, Hala FM, VIVA, Socially URS.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has attracted multiple international media coverage, bloggers, and guests. It has also proven to be one of the most world class events to be held in Amman Jordan.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.32.18 AM

There is so much more to say and write about Amman Fashion Week, therefore we will release a post dedicated fully about it. Meanwhile if you wish to learn more on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Amman please visit:



After the greats success of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Amman, it was time to give back to the community and be thankful for all the good things we have achieved and received.

Fashion Gives Back

A 100% charity auction fundraising for all the existing refugees in Jordan. This event was one of its kind to ever happen in Amman. It took place at The Royal Hotel on the 6th of February 2013.

This event was in collaboration with Save the Children sponsored by Le Royal Hotel, Spin FM, Shawish Productions, Fakhri Al Alami, Color Experiment, MC by Mohammad Madfai.

15 Items were auctioned by local Jordanian designers, 10000JD were fundraised and 250 attendees supported the event.

32152_4939281371122_674982069_n 537968_4939279371072_1765445092_n


13172_4939267970787_1738505823_n 485390_4939286051239_1389590631_n 535916_4939279171067_364121714_n 

Modelicious Management is a self independent company with staff that are considered members of Modelicious family. Modelicious is operational every day sundays to thursdays from 9:00am to 6:00pm summer time and 9:00am to 5:00pm winter time.

Modelicious Social Media is also very active through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We have been working on our Facebook Page Timeline photos and here are the photos that have been released in the past few months:

facebook timeline aprilfacebook timeline aprilmodelicious timeline photo may modelicious timeline photo junemodelicious timeline

timeline modelicious


All the above have been put together by Modelicious Management’s staff and freelancers, credits can be found on our facebook page.

Last but not least… and after writing my 6 years of experience in less than 3000 words I would like to say that without every employee, staff, member and client that have contributed in being part of Modelicious Management it wouldn’t be what it is today; a company made for the people.

June 21, 2013

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