New Recipe on my Blog – Kofta Bil Wara’

I can not believe I am back in here, I mean on my food blog.

I have been away for too long now, few years. Got caught up with life.

But and nonetheless, we can never get caught up from food.

So I have been stacking up, big chunks.

And this recipe, I have only tried to do a few days ago, and I did not do a proper photo shoot but instead just used my iphone casually, but I do plan to update my blog post with new proper photos soon.

However, I did promise myself, and friends of mine to start posting as soon and as quick as possible, even if my photographs are not top notch.

Ramadan is also around the corner from today, so we need those recipes coming to help us cook easy and good food for ourselves, family and friends.

I found this recipe on instagram @whenapricotsbloom, she has a step by step video posted on her profile. Loved it, did the very same on my instagram story, since I have always been wanting to try it but could not get my hands on a recipe and my mother never makes it at home. I am also a fan of Sarah’s feed (from when apricots bloom) which is focused on Levantine food, with a great easy to follow methods. I sure plan to try more recipes from her feed and website.

Vine Leaves

This dish comes from Jerusalem, Al-Quds (the arabic word for Jerusalem). It is made of mainly Wara’ which stands for Vine Leaves or Grape Leaves, and is filled with Kofta. It is easy to make and is very delicious.

I followed Sarah’s steps as found on her profile @whenapricotsbloom, however, I did look up other recipes and did minor changes which I will point out below.

Some people add a dressing to the cooking dish before cooking the kofta bil waraa, which consists of olive oil and pomegranate molasses. I plan to try the dressing next time I cook it and keep you guys posted. My turn out without the dressing was great, only my Kofta was a little dry, and so I suppose it is the kind of meat I probably used, which is minced beef, while some use minced lamb for more fat. Online I read some people mix both, which could give the Kofta more juice. My mother (who most of the recipes on my blog belong to) suggested I add oats, or olive oil to the Kofta before stuffing into the leaves.


I personally, want to make sure to make my beef parries thinner next time, and maybe add an extra vine leaf, since I am a fan of the taste, specially after it has been roasted.

My Kofta unlike the recipe on Sarah’s blog was ready bought with onions, parsley, salt and pepper. But of course it is up to you if you would like to prepare your Kofta at home, or if your local butcher can give it to you ready.

Either way, this recipe is fantastic, and is sure worth trying.

Kofta bil Wara’ – كفتة بورق العنب

Recipe used by When Apricots Bloom – Fil Mish Mish with minor changes

My following Ingredients makes enough for 3 people (total of 14 to 16 patties)

Middle-Eastern-Food, Kofta-bil-waraa, Levant-Food, Arab-Food


1/2 Kilo Kofta (your choice of beef or lamb, I used beef)

Vine Leaves

1 teaspoon mixed spice

6 – 8 Tomatoes

1 green chili (optional)



Full Recipe found via Kofta bil Wara’ – كفتة بورق العنب


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