My New Years Resolution

I always have a list of wants and wills for my new years resolution, but this new year I only want to be grateful, I want to listen to life, I want to accept what it brings, and when it brings what it brings I want to make sure I listen. Some things are sent our way, but are not ours, and we know it, but we don’t listen, while other things we pass by and we want, but are not good for us, but we don’t listen. 2017 taught me to let go, not by just going with any flow, nor by just being careless, but instead, to let go from wanting to over think, to let go from wanting to be in control, and to let go from questioning why, when, and how it happened. I let go by letting life take me where it wants to take me without having to understand. I choose, but I no longer swim against the tide, but with the tide. Today, my resolution for 2018 is to give back. It is to believe in the unseen or the un-comprehended, not only at times of difficulties, but at all times. We meet people, and we know from the very first moment where this new relationship will take us, we do not need to design it in our heads, as much as take the steps we feel is the right step to take and to believe in our souls that can hear. Whenever we are on a new path, we know where it will take us, but we are never certain, we don’t have to be certain, all we need to do is believe in our senses, and instead of clouding our own selves, to help open the doors by believing in our own readings. This new year of 2018, I want to strengthen my soul’s hearing, by accepting, by letting, by practicing, and above all by believing. This new year, I might be clueless to where I might be going, but I am thoughtful of my capabilities to know by feeling. And when felt, I will write it down, and I will remind myself that something good will happen.


2 thoughts on “My New Years Resolution

  1. I once read something that says:
    ” The teacher will appear when the student is ready ” ~ not really sure about the source though.
    the point is, related to what you wrote, we have to be there; by there i mean in this exact moment. being there physically, mentally, and spiritually. i think it’s the only way to truly live. after all, life is just a matter of experiences. we never know what are the things that future will bring to us, we might set up some scenarios in our heads in order to predict what’s coming, but that will deny us the actual practice of living. I always thought that it was complicated, but i came to the fact that finally made sense.
    Live your day as if it’s your last day, do your things as if you’re doing them for the last time, and treat people kindly. be the best form that you can be in this one moment.

    Razan, wish you a wandering year.

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    • Beautiful words from you Ahmad.
      I am familiar with the quote you mentioned and I follow, so happy to read your comments and know you follow my blog posts. Always happy to read more from your thoughts back, thank you. Truly appreciate this.

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