Cana of Galilee

I found this stunning photograph of a village in occupied Palestine known as Kafr Kanna or Cana of Galilee, I then found out that this photograph was captured in 1925 by a female Palestinian professional photographer who used to work between Lebanon and Palestine before the Israeli occupation. She captured beautiful images, and exhibited them during the first half century. Karimeh Abbud was her name and she was born in 1896 in Shefa Amer, Palestine, known as the Lady Photographer, she died in Nazareth in 1955.

The second photographer is another beautiful photographs of the Jordan River, also captured by Karimeh.

Today’s Guest for the wordpress daily prompt.

Kefr Kanna, Cana, Galilee, Palestine, female, PhotographerKarimeh Abbud, photographer, jordan, jordan river, photograph

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