Creative Space #2 – What are you doing with your life?

This is my second creative prompt in response to Elizabeth Gilbert Workshop on Hobbies, Job, Career and Vocation.

I am driven by passion everyday. I do things because I want to do them and I want to do them with love. My activities change and expand because I am driven by my passion. I wake up and I listen to my callings. Today, I feel like doing this, so I do it, and if I can’t do it today, I make sure I do it in the near future. I don’t wait on things to happen, I go and make them happen. I try, at least, I give it a chance, to understand, to listen, to feel, to experience, to elaborate on, to free myself from the curiosity that roams around inside my head.

My job was my career, and it was a choice I made and I went after it. It combined all what Elizabeth talks about; from hobbies, job, career and vocation. I used to enjoy holding photo shoots even if we didn’t make money out of them, I used to enjoy watching live shows that can support us be more productive and creative at work with the team, I used to enjoy creating fashion shows and events, even if it was at a small-scale, but of course the bigger they were the more enjoyment I felt. It was also my job, my money-making, my 9 to 5, my challenges and it sure did included many situations, moments and days were I wished I could disappear from existence. It was my career, nine years, building a small name into a brand, into a trend, into a tree with branches. And it used to be my vocation, for I felt fashion was what I was here for, what I was here to create, to expand in, and to share.

Two years ago, I decided to quit it all. All of it. I reached a point where I felt I wanted none of this and more of everything else, and as much time as I made for myself to do new things, I still did not have enough time. I was frustrated, because I wanted to follow my passion again.

I discovered, that it is okay for your passion to change. For your callings to change. What is not okay, is for you not to answer the change. Today I wake up every morning, and I write, I work on my book, on the blog, or on my note books. I read, online or offline (books). I exercise, I do yoga, cross fit, I run or swim. I enjoy the kitchen, I bake, make salads or cook. I travel when I can, I love exploring, discovering and meeting new people and new stories. I photograph during my travels, I love to document what I find beautiful and I love sharing them. But today, I do not have a job. I have few small little things on the side, but I do not have a full-time or a part-time job. I can afford it for a little bit, but I sure will need to find myself a source of income.

Nonetheless, I believe life is too short. Your vocation is your calling and your calling can change, and if it doesn’t then you are lucky. But I still consider myself lucky. I believe my vocation changes because it is changeable, it can never be the same. I feel I am here to find new findings, to learn new things and maybe change is my vocation, I am here to always find the new, and the very old can be the very new. I love researching, discovering, exploring, understanding, connecting the dots, I love staying alive, my Vocation is learning and trying something new everyday, and my favorite part is sharing it all.
Roberta Trapani Model from Italy during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week AmmanDoors are beautiful in Venice, they speak to you. Italian Architecture is beautifulAmman Street Photography JordanOld jordanian woman posing with wrinkles and close up look into her personalityMiddle-Eastern Eggplant Casseroles also known as Fatet Batinjan فتت بيتنجان or Fatet Makdous فتيت مكدوسoverlooking a beautiful architectural building by the river in rome nearby saint angeloSahteen, making and eating hummus at suzies kitchen with pita breakOld houses and architecture in Barcelona by Gaudi and othersA door and a shop in Yafa Yafo Jaffa

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