Birds Represent Freedom

We think being in a cage keeps us protected, keeps them protected, we think we are doing our selves and one another a favor when we put a cage around us. But birds were born free, we were born free, we learn things as we grow, we are who we are when we are set free. Yes, we can trip, and fall, we can do mistakes, and the chances of making mistakes are high, but without them, how do we know what life is? Who we truly are? Stop putting a cage around us, around each other, accept your children as they come, as they grow, as they rebel, just be there, watch them, protect them, listen to them, speak to them, but don’t put a cage around them. Don’t prevent your children from exploring life and the colors it is painted with, let them fly as far as they want and where ever their instincts take them. Don’t try to change the way they speak or dress or sing, don’t force them to make you proud just to make you feel better about yourself. The best feelings ever is seeing your loved ones spread their wings on their own and fly, the best feeling is to see that their wings are different from any other, and that they are still as beautiful or even more beautiful. Allow them to settle, allow them to be, independent or dependent, allow them to be silent, or speak their brains out, allow them to perform, or to be isolated, allow them to try. But be there to listen, to watch, to care, to love, to praise, to reflect, to smile, to hug, be there to make them feel they are not alone. Set them free.

Click here for the full Safari experience. 

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