My Art, My Piece of Life – Tuesday Doodle

We don’t plan things to be the way they always end up to be. Life is just like an art piece. You never know until you try, and the image you have had in mind could happen to turn out identical or completely different. When its art it’s never restricted, its unpredictable, you need to stay open to receive and you need to be able to mend and blend, redo and replace, you can change the colors of the image, it can take you half a day to put things together or a lifetime. It does not matter. What matters at the end is the result. Some will turn out to satisfy you for mere a second and some will last an impression forever. How will you know? You never will, until you get there, you try, you give yourself the chance to explore, to express, to perceive, to be, to happen. Life is a piece of art, your piece of art, and everyday is a new white canvas that can be separated from the canvas of yesterday or can be a continuation, some canvases will be left somewhere unremembered and some will be framed forever.

Whatever it is. It is yours. Your art piece. Your work of art. Your only work of art. Are you enjoying it while you’re puting it together or are you agonizing your way through. Are you happy with the pieces at the end of your day or are your tears drying up? Look at each piece with love and fill it with laughter, with joy. Be the sailor of your own boat, put a ribbon on your hair and shirt, paint a heart everywhere you go, glitter your eyes with what you love to see, be a friend to those in need of a listening ear, color your diary with your thoughts and feelings, be grateful and count your blessings, sing to your world, and dance on your tip toes, don’t let anything stop you, from trying a new piece of art everyday.

Creative Writing on a Tuesday Morning Inspired by My Collection of Instagram’s favorite Pieces collected from 2015, Dar_Nur, Tilly2Milly, Kidvikk, HummingBirdHigh, Kitato, _Mamannyc_, Tilly2Milly, MawiOfficial, Wenlise_Fold, Candelanovembre, Kitat.

Dar_Nur, Fatima, Hand, Hand-of-Farima, ArabianTilly2Milly, art, character, roses, petalsKidvikk, boat, paperboat, craft, handcraftHummingBirdHigh, vote, cupcake, decoration Kitato, graffiti, old, elder, roses, collage_mamannnyc_, pizza, pie, pizzapie, raseberry, character, cartoonTilly2Milly, crayon, collage, art, flowers MawiOfficial, eye, eye-makeup, makeup, golden eyeWenlise_Fold, horse, unicorn, purple, paperartCandelanovembre, diary, collage, artwork Kitato, love, heart, wallpaint, wallart

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