Why you should visit Saraya Aqaba next?

That is if you are in Jordan or around Jordan.

Saraya Aqaba is ready to be cruised. I was lucky enough to get an invitation, and go drop it a visit last weekend, was welcomed by a very friendly staff, who took me and a group of other bloggers and social media influencers around.

First We Indulged in its foremost design. Interior and exterior. It is like a new wonderland. Only the Arabian themed wonderland. So full of our own oriental culture, authentic yet very modern. It lavished us with infinite luxury and poetic rhythm.


Saraya-Aqaba-Jordan-Travel-Red-Sea-easgle-hillsSecond we familiarized ourselves more on Aqaba. Got to know the Red Sea from the Saraya scenic view. Found the lagoon at the heart of the project with the mountains on one side and occupied Palestine on the other.

Third If you are an architect or an artists, the architecture will take you to a new experience. I personally felt I entered the land of Aladdin, with the details being focused on the arch doors and windows, with the dome-shaped roofs. The villas looks like tiny squared houses cocooned one on top of the other.


Forth Enjoyed the different patterns, rugs, and flooring. From under construction, to fully constructed, to beach sand, from seeing myself in a glamorous gown, to casual jeans, and bare feet bikini. All throughout with my polka dots Nike.


Fifth Go with friends, family, partner(s); go with a group of people you enjoy your time exploring with. I went with like-minded people, who care about sharing what they experience to the world. Bloggers, tweeps, food critics, fashion followers, and social butterflies. (Find them on twitter from right to left: @Mahoozz @Eakhaldi @ZaynaHamarneh @Bigullak @LHaddadin @HamzehQasem @HadeelNourddin and myself @RazanMasri also find @kawthershabani @sal3885 @Emaneh45 @SarayaAqabaJo)


Sixth Finally we met the space. Met the future. Once a dream now is coming into reality. We headed towards the Sale Center and asked for a tour, checked out the furnished space from town houses, to villas and of course rested a while by the beach.

Seventh I never want to miss the colors of the sunset. And especially when by the beach. The reflection, the changing colors, the serene sound and feel, we used the time for some meditation, reflection, romance, just getting hypnotized by the spell of the Red Sea.





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