Morning Diary: Visiting Nablus – Palestine | اليوم الثاني: زيارتي في نابلس

My blog was viewed 65000 times in 2015 🙂 Thank you to everyone who dropped by, liked, shared and commented on my post.
And this was the most popular post of the year 2015. My visit to my hometown Nablus 🙂 I would do it over and over again.

Razan Masri

April 21 2015,

Today I packed my bags, and before moving to my next destination, I went to meet with an old Palestinian man, who sat with me and told me about his story with his house; that he lost, when he was a kid. The house that turned into a dream house, visiting the dream house that turned into a goal, and the visit that turned into an Israeli Palestinian one of a kind relationship. A relationship that started in search for peace, in search for a solution to the conflict, in search for a solution to return the houses that belong to Palestinians, in hopes that justice will take place for both parties. The story created heart-break, unjustified answers to open questions, but a new unpredictable light of hope. The house was turned into a nursery for Palestinian kids in the occupied territories “what many today like to call Israel”.

There is…

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