Morning Diary: Moving from Nablus to the Occupied Territories – Palestine Israel | اليوم الثالث:زيارتي من نابلس الى المناصق المحتلا

My Palestine Journal is now under Travel section.

Razan Masri

April 22 2015

I couldn’t blog my last few days since I was caught up between moving from one place to another, lost my connection as I moved from the West Bank area (supposedly a free Palestinian area only you are a little locked in and have no rights to move out without the permission of the Israelis) to the 1948 occupied Palestinian areas (or to what most people refer to as Israel). So if you have a Palestinian line in the Palestinian territories, you can no longer use it in the occupied territories, and we are talking about areas that are only 10 minutes away from one another. Insane, but true.

But anyway, on my third day, I was lucky enough to have a local Nabulsi نابلسي young man to be my guide and show me around, and he showed me the wonders of Nablus. As the Samaritans السامريون told me…

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