Frankfurt in less than Twenty Four Hours…

Razan Masri


Less than Twenty Four Hours in Frankfurt

Everyone was telling me not to go to Frankfurt, saying things like, “there is nothing much to see or do”. I must confirm my disagreement. I didn’t spend much time in Frankfurt, but I was able to tell that there is so much to see and explore. It is not at all as empty and lifeless as everyone claims. Maybe in comparison with Berlin, but you can never compare 2 cities, they are just 2 different cities. Berlin’s city life is bigger and wilder, but I found Frankfurt to have more character and stillness. 

I recommend you walk in this beautiful city. It is so spacious it gives a different taste to breathing. The streets are super clean and super wide, the people are friendly and the city is busy. Things are very basic and easy to get a hold of. I suggest…

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