A recipe for cold days, how to make the most delicious Pumpkin soup. طريقة عمل شوربة اليقطين

For cold days, all we need is a bowl of hot soup. Try this Pumpkin soup recipe.

Razan Masri

On a cold gloomy day all I want to have when I get home, is soup, to start with of-course, and sometimes, when the soup is really good, I just want to have it all day. It is just so pleasant to have.

When I was child, I used to associate pumpkin only to Halloween, I was never aware of how good the food made of pumpkin is until recently. Today as soon as I hear we have pumpkin soup for lunch or dinner, I just can’t wait to start with it, pumpkin soup and precisely this recipe below is heaven, it is super good that one dish is never enough.

How to make pumpkin soup full recipe

Why is soup good for the soul?

Soup is warm, and it soothes the throat, soup feels warm on a cold day, and you can enjoy the feeling of defrosting. Soups are generally made out of vegetables and sometimes with some fruit…

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