My visit to unfamiliar parts and life of the occupied territories of Palestine “Northern Israel” | زيارتي إلى مناطق الشمال من فلسطين المحتلة وتعرفي على ما نجهله عن فلسطينية ١٩٤٨

Razan Masri

May 8th 2015,

This is a visit that changed my whole perspective upon persistence, hope and the Palestinians in the 1948 occupied territories.

Have you ever heard of a village in Al Jallil “Galilee” region called Iqret or Iqreth? Well let me tell you a little bit more on Iqret. Iqret is a one of the villages that was occupied by Israel along with many more in 1948. It was a Christian village, at the very northern part of Palestine, close to Akka “Acre” border of Lebanon, and all the villagers were forced to leave out like most Palestinians experienced during the occupation by Israel. Most of whom left to Lebanon and other villages in Palestine. In 1951, the villagers of Iqret went to the Israeli supreme court to plead their return back to their village. They won the case. But of-course, the Israeli military government was not happy about…

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