How will you know the good if you have never tried the bad? 

Even the skies have two faces for what is having one face if you did not get to know the other? How do you choose good from bad if you don’t know the bad? How do you distinguish love from anything else if you haven’t try anything else? How do you know high when you have never been so low? Let life treat you the way it should without holding any grudges just try your very best to be true to yourself & to others… How will the skies turn into colors if they don’t experience sunset nor sunrise? How will you tell the difference if you never watch them? How do you get to know yourself if you never try to free yourself from your own thoughts? Even the skies sing under the rain, the moon sings under the shadows, the sun sings under the clouds & the rainbow rises above the skies, so free yourself to dance, dance to life, be faithful to your true self be honest to your soul, be genuine to those who give you a hand to climb your own stairs up and rise upon the miracles of life. 

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