My visit to Jericho and the Mount of Temptation – زيارتي الى اريحا و دير القرنطل منزار قرنطل

May 16 2015,

“Enough for me to die on its ground and be buried therein, To dissolve and vanish in its soil, And to resurrected as grass, as a flower, With which a child of my country plays, Enough for me to remain in the bosom of my land: A soil, a grass, a flower. -Fadwa Tuqan”

It felt great to walk into a city knowing it is possibly the oldest city in the world. We drove through the empty desert heading towards the city, it looked all carmel hills and felt very warm as it is located right next to the Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth). We then decided to head towards the Mount of Temptations “In Arabic: Jabal al-Qarantal” to discover and see the magical existence of the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Temptation “In Arabic: Deir al Qarantal”. It looked magnificent, a church carved from the hill it self, overlooking the full city if Jericho.

Trying to imagine yourself back in time, back to the beginning of the 1900, how life seemed to be, how they worked through making such a church, and how it is constructed to protect you from the heat of this city. There were no AC’s in there and yet the temperature felt perfectly cool. And apparently, the temperature is perfect at both winter time and summer without the need of heat or air conditions. Isn’t that just amazing and strange? Welcome to Palestine, where experiencing and discovering is on a total different level. Knowing the history of Palestinians will make all the difference for your visit.

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