For a delicious refreshing Ramadan Desert, try this Blackberry Cake Recipe |حلويات رمضانية خفيفة وسهلة: جربوا وصفة كيكة التوت الاسود

Blackberry Cake | كيكة توت اسود.

Today is blackberry day. I just woke up craving blackberries. Why aren’t blackberry cakes so popular around?

If you ever crave a fruit cake that is just easy to make and delicious then I recommend this Blackberry Cake Recipe. It truly is soft, light and perfect.

As usual, baking is a passion that I enjoy exploring and trying. And so whenever I crave something, I look up for Recipes and I meet new food bloggers who share delicious recipes. And so for this great recipe, I was lucky to find a recipe that was easy and tasted great.

As for my photography, it is another hobby that I enjoy doing. It is away to explore myself along with design and styling. It gives me a sort of meditative reward. Where after baking, I just completely zen into food art and photography.

This cake would go perfect after a yummie Middle Eastern Spinach Pastry.

Here is the Recipe of Blackberry Cake topped with almonds and sugar crust by Zuker Zimt und Liebe.


1 stick of butter

1 cup of sugar

2 eggs

Pinch of salt

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 cup of all purpose flour

10-15 fresh blackberries

A hand full of sliced almonds


١ قالب زبدة كامل

١ كوب سكر

٢ بيض

رشة ملح

١ معلقة صغيرة من الڤانيلا السائلة

١ كوب طحين

١٠-١٥ توت أسود بري طازج

كمشة إيد من لوز مقطع

Full the full Recipe… click Here

للوصفة الكاملة إضغط هنا  

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