My visit to Bethlehem | اليوم الرابع عشر: زيارتي إلى بيت لحم

May 5th 2015,

“Art speaks a thousand words”, did you hear this saying before? Well it does. And Bethlehem is Art, and it speaks to you in every possible way. A beautiful city in Palestine, I probably have mentioned that they are all beautiful. Different. And beautiful. You can never get enough of one city in one day. So here I am, almost 2 months away from my memory in Bethlehem, but I can still see it clearly. The colors of Bethlehem are just different, the sound of life in Bethlehem is unique, there is something about it, and I keep saying this about every other city in Palestine… There is something about every little corner in Palestine.

I was very lucky to be hosted by a great friend who is both a talent and an entrepreneur. Nadya Hazbunova is a fashion designer who combines heritage with modern reality while reviving Arabic language and fashion. I adored her olive wood collection and bought a necklace that I today, hardly go out without it around my neck.

Nadya took me everywhere. From Beit Jala to the center to Bethlehem to Beit Sahour. I walked between the beautiful old streets of Bethlehem, walked into its churches and authentic ancient shops. I shopped and bought a shawl with Palestinian embroidery, pomegranate glass as souvenir and a leather bag made in Hebron.

Visiting the church of Nativity is a wonderful experience. Takes you back to a time you never imagined existed. The scent of the church, the walls of the church, the feeling is just hard to explain through words. We walked, and prayed, took few photos and felt reborn again.

We then went to see how they make olive wood into accessories and souvenirs. Went to see the graffiti work of art on the wall of separation, Banksy on other walls. Went to few more churches and had absolutely one of the greatest kebab ever.

What I loved the most about Bethlehem, is its architecture. Very similar and connects to the architecture found in Jaffa, Haifa, Acre and Jerusalem. We were mostly driving around by car, but I couldn’t resist stopping the car every now and then, to go out for a quick walk as I study the magnificent architecture.

One day is never enough in any of the cities of Palestine.


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