Learn about the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona


I first felt astonished to hear that there is a district with the name “Gothic Quarter” or what is known as the “Barri Gotic” in Barcelona. I did mention feeling as if I was thrown into a very old theater, well wait until you get to walk in this neighborhood. It sure is theater, with its smoky themed walls, and medieval street lights. Truly breath-taking experience.  Bar restaurant at the Gothic quarterTraffic jamThe longest stretch from La Rambla, easy to walk to and walk through. This is old Barcelona, with buildings that date back to the Medieval time and some even back from the Roman settlement. Cathedral of BarcelonaOId doorThe small streets of the Gothic Quarter lead you yo hidden squares where most of the bars are at and the night scene is cozy and alive. You can find local bands playing sometimes, and setting are mostly very romantic, in the dark with candlelight’s. El Bari Gotic

Each square has a story of its own, I was not lucky enough to have locals travel with me through the streets, but I would defiantly recommend you find someone who has historical stories and background on each neighborhood which I feel will very much widen your imagination. BarcelonaGothicJust take your bike and wander between the tiny streets in and out of La Rambla across Barri Gotic, look into shops, and spend a memorable night out from one place to another.Cycling at the gothic quarterGothic quarter

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